5 Techie Girl Gift Ideas Under $50!

December 8, 2016

Yes, you read it right. As of writing, the items listed are under $50. It could be under a different listing price because of all the deals happening this season. But, if it is, grab it before prices go up again.

Here are some techie girl gift ideas that won't dry up your wallet.

1. The Camalapse for $29 found at Photojojo. Get your creative juices ready.
Panning timelapse video is no longer a hassle with this little helper.

2. WeMo Switch for $29.99 found at IFTTT.
You can schedule appliances with this switch like its a smart gadget.

3. Garmin vivofit Fitness Band for $39.99 found at Amazon.
And when you know, if it's from Amazon, prices changes fast. Grab it while you still can.

4. TP-Link Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router for $24.99 found at Amazon. Have Wi-Fi dead spot spaces inside the house? Extend the reach of your Wi-Fi connection with this gadget.

5. Apple Juice Power Pack for $40 found at Photojojo.
Never worry about losing battery while out and about. Power contains 5000mAh.

Techie girl goals need not be expensive. This little toys for girls are not just cute & inexpensive but packs a lot of techie productivity. What's on your techie "Want for Christmas" list?

Free: Download 2017 Monthly Calendar

December 4, 2016

Download, print on legal size, and paper of your choice. You can print the annual or monthly 2017 calendar free printable.

The calendar features Holidays, non-working holidays and major Muslim holiday dates. The monthly calendar features white space to write your important dates, tasks or activities.

  1. Download on Google Drive the "Calendar for Year 2017" PDF
  2. Download on Google Drive the "Monthly Calendar for Year 2017" PDF

Gift Wrapping Ways Like A Pro

December 1, 2016

December is finally here and I hope you are not stuck in the middle of the holiday rush. Christmas is not about gift giving. It's to celebrate the birth of Christ. But like the three wise men bearing gifts, we took on that tradition of giving gifts to love ones, too.

Have you started on buying those Christmas gifts? If so, here are two helpful videos sharing with you tips and ideas on gift wrapping.

1. How to Gift Wrap Large Items

2. How to Gift Wrap Small Items

3. How to Gift Wrap Using Gift Bags
4. How to Gift Wrap Clothing Items

Not sure what to give the blogger this Christmas? Check out the wishlist photo on the sidebar. LOL! Thank you!

Get Your Christmas Decor Going

November 26, 2016

December is upon us in a matter of days. Let's just let that sink in. Feeling the pressure yet?

If you haven't set up your Christmas decor yet, then let this videos give you inspiration and motivation to start them. Also, check out the related articles below.

1. How to Dress the Perfect Christmas Tree

2. How to Make Simple Christmas Wreath

3. Three DIY Christmas Decors

Are you done decorating for Christmas? Show me a blog post by leaving a link to your blog in the comments section below. Thank you.

My Favorites This Month

November 21, 2016

..thus far.

1. Arizona Green Tea

An AriZona classic for over ten years, this is America’s best-selling green tea. Ever wonder how it became so popular? Well, the next time you buy one, take a moment to reflect upon what you’re drinking. 100% natural green tea. Just the right amount of ginseng and a touch of delicious Sue Bee® Premium Orange Honey. When you’re done reflecting, open the bottle and down it. It’s as delicious as ever.

What I love is that it's not bitter and not too sweet. So good!

2. Filofax Geometric Pocket Organiser

Soft touch leather-look organiser with striking geometric pattern and pastel blue interior. The cutest color combination item that I own. I truly love the soft leather and padded feel of the cover. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel as I will be uploading my unboxing video next month.

This is what I'm loving so far. How about you? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you.

Dream Filofax Pocket Planner

November 14, 2016

It's checklist season and I'm obsessed watching planner set up videos on Youtube. I already own an A5 ring binder planner but there's something about owning a Filofax.

I've recently ordered the Geometric Pocket Organiser just to fill my Filofax fixation. It's not the most ideal in terms of design but it's still too cute. I'll show you when I have it set up.

But, here's what I would love on a Filofax planner:

1. Denim Dots Organizer - 4 Card Slots ( Left Hand Details)
2. Classic Croc Organizer - Wallet Pocket ( Special Features)
3. Malden Organizer - Vertical Slip Pocket & Notepad Pocket ( Right Hand Details)

I cannot figure out the coin or zipper pocket in a leather Filofax organizer. I feel like the one's they already have is just too small and will eventually damage the organizer. And you know that Filofax doesn't come cheap, the zipper pocket feature will just end up being useless.

I know a leather store, supplier, and manufacturer of leather goods that my Mother frequents. I wonder how much it will cost to have a custom planner made.

What's your ideal leather planner design? Are you into Filofax or other brands? Let me know your recommendations below. Thank you.

Minimalist Inspired Furniture

November 10, 2016

As defined by blogger Becoming Minimalist, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

Minimalism is a lifestyle. It does not equate to letting go of all things and owning boring things. My take on it is to live a life that is anti-materialism. To own what is only necessary, the one's that is truly loved, and having a well-curated house.

Every year, there is such a thing that we call "spring cleaning" and letting go of things that we don't use or love anymore. Only to find another year of amassing more things to replace the one's we've let go.

Owning shoes in several colors is not minimalism. In my case, buying books just because I can is not minimalism. Sure, let's talk about my colored pens collection, notebooks, and craft materials, too.

But, if I have a minimalist household, what would it look like? Here's some furniture that reminds me of minimalism because of its no frills factor and still beautiful to look at.

  1. Nest - Frankfurt Table Oak and White
  2. Debenhams - Set of 2 'Kempton' armchairs
  3. Muji - Solid Oak Double Bed
  4. Marks & Spencer - Hastings Ivory Triple Wardrobe

What's your take on minimalism?

I've already rid myself of the clothes that don't fit me, that I don't wear or have no use because of a change in lifestyle. Less clutter,  less maintenance, the better. If I hate the upkeep of certain things, it's going out the door. Next, I need to tackle the books. That's going to hurt. Oh, the bags, too. Ugh!

DIY: Easy & Budget Furniture

November 7, 2016

DIY: Build A Bed

This is by far the DIY bed tutorial that I found on Youtube that uses less wood. The parts of the bed are quite complicated. But, if you can have your hardware store or local carpenter shop do the pre-cut for you, it should be easy putting the pieces together.

The measurements are as follows:

1- 2x8 @ 57"
2- 2x6's @ 57"
2- 2x4's @ 45"
2- 2x4's @ 12.5"
2- 2x4's @ about 25.5" (cut them after assembly)

Foot of bed:
1- 2x8 @ 57"
2- 2x4's @ 19.5"
2- 2x4's @ 12.5"

Side Rails:
2- 2x8's @ 86"
2- 2x2's @ about 79" (cut them after assembly)

Mattress supports:
5- 1x10's @ about 60" (cut them after assembly)

DIY: Wood + Iron Table

Instead of planks, I would just buy one piece of 3/4 inch thick of plywood for the dining table. It's easier especially if you don't have the tools. The PVC pipes would be a lot less expensive but not durable for a dining set piece. An office desk, maybe.

DIY: Build Industrial Style Closet

This piece is great if you have space. I can see myself using this type of closet in a rental. The only piece that I find difficult in this project is the drilling of the hole. Instead of drilling, I would nail the pipes to the sides with a flange attached on both ends. And, instead of iron pipes, I would use PVC pipes and spray painted white.

DIY: Build A Pallet Couch

This project could be done better but you get the gist of how it's made. I love the L-Shape sofa design, that they sanded the wood and painted it white. They could cut the sides of the pallet straight to avoid accidents. The backrest foam could be done better, too. Make it into one piece foam like the seat.

DIY: Adjustable Height Sitting or Standing Desk

A new take on interior design. Go industrial in your home office. The video is not much of a tutorial but you get the idea. You don't have to make the table adjustable if you want an easy project.

Let Grammarly Help

November 3, 2016

Grammarly is a proofreading feature that is always on. Every time you write, you’ll immediately get corrections and suggested ways to write a sentence. Installing the Grammarly plugin to Chrome was easy and the best decision I’ve made. The installation and use is free but you can get more services for a premium.

Click photo above to go to Grammarly. Best decision ever!

You don’t have to open a separate Word pad in order to use the spell check feature. If you’re online, writing a response to your e-mail on Gmail, or updating your social media feed in various social media sites, Grammarly will help correct the mistakes wherever you are on the web.

Before Grammarly, I was relying on the MS Word spell and grammar check feature. After a few days, I get back to my writing and then notice the mistakes I’ve made. Writing the cover letter and proofreading the resume is much easier and minimizes the mistakes. Grammarly guarantees all these before you hit the send button.

As a blogger, I always thought that blogging is a free form of writing, without too much processing or filtering the thought because it’s my personal space. It’s not a professional writing space. But, as years go by and I started booking paid written works, this is when proper use of grammar is most important. Thank goodness for Grammarly!

Save yourself the hassle and going back to old articles just to proofread. Install Grammarly now. It’ll make your life easier.

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