10 Ways How To Celebrate World Social Media Day On June 30

Celebrate the digital revolution!



Here are 10 ways to celebrate Social Media Day.

  1. Tweet and update Facebook status like the rest of the world with hashtag #SMDay and like me #WorldSocialMediaDay2013
  2. Do a Google Hangout! Or go Live Streaming! Everybody gets to bring their own food and drink. Invite a friend in your circle in a Google Hangout or Live Stream! Be careful though if there’s someone below the age of 18 or 21. Get everybody in the Hangout/Stream to introduce themselves! Follow each other’s social media accounts. #SM Day and #WorldSocialMediaDay2013
  3. Tweet, Like, Share, Comment social share from people outside your comfort zone. Who knows? They might tweet, retweet, like, share and/or comment you back!


  4. Post videos on Vine, Keek or Viddy with your family or friends with hashtag #SMDay #WorldSocialMediaDay2013 Let people know what you are doing to celebrate #SMDay and tag the people you are with.
  5. When you go out to celebrate, don’t forget to check-in on Foursquare and make a shout out!
    Example: “Happy World Social Media Day! I hope you’re having a blast!”
    Then, tag a few people in the area. Be social!
  6. Join or crash meet ups that’s near you! You will meet people who are as crazy about social media as you are. Get them to add/subscribe/follow you, too! Thank them in your social media when they do!
    Example: Thanks for following back @***** #SMDay and #WorldSocialMediaDay2013 I appreciate you!
  7. Share your photos or videos from other social media accounts (Vine, Keek, Youtube) with the hashtag #SMDay #WorldSocialMediaDay2013 to your Facebook and/or Twitter Account! Don’t be shy with hashtags. Facebook gets hashtags, too!
  8. Tweet, Retweet, Share, Leave a Comment and Like friends post with or add hashtag #SMDay and #WorldSocialMediaDay2013 Only positive vibes social people!
  9. For web trollers in the world, June 30th is not the day to be shy. Tweet, Like,Share,Comment the person with your personal account! Remember to keep it clean and be positive when you use words.
  10. Introduce and convince people who are not yet in a social networking site that you love. Teach them how to create an account and how to use it. Tell them why you love that social networking site! #SMDay #WorldSocialMediaDay2013 #BeSocial

There are tons of social media sites and you might be in all of them. Don’t choose. Get in all of them and just be obnoxious about it. Get in the conversation and celebrate with the rest of the world!

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