For Lack Of..

.. a better and quality posts.

I’m school bound this second and last semester. If I have taken my MBA, I would be graduating. Time fly by so fast. Now, I am getting my certification and taking the licensure examination next year. So, I do apologize for not taking the time and do some updates even just a little.
My Globe Tattoo fell short of my expectations. I decided in giving it to my brother. When he looked at it, he said,” What am I going to do with this?” Seriously. He’s a gamer. The connection won’t cut it for him. Nothing beats wired connection.
My colleague lent me his modem from a competitor. I’m not so sure if it’s because it’s an Unlimited Plan compared to Prepaid Modem that’s making a difference. I haven’t decided if I want to sign up myself. The plan is just too expensive.
I can’t wait for Christmas vacation. I just hope I can update my blog sites, travel a bit and study.

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Merry Christmas everyone!