Have to..

..finish reading these books by the end of the year.

I’m not suppose to buy books until I finish my board exams. But these books are given to me and it all seems so interesting! I’m trying to stop myself from picking them up. I should be reading my text books.


Coffee Shop. Restaurant. Gallery.
Every year, I always plan to leave work and go home in time for Granny’s birthday. She is getting old and we don’t want to miss her important day. It is also the best time to be home since our cousins do come and visit.
Last year, I discovered that coffee shops are getting popular in Iligan City. We are not really coffee drinking people. Although, we love intimate places like cafés because it is a place where we could go with friends and just hang out. [Read more…]

Cofifi Cafe

This coffee shop is located at the back of St. Therese College. Just take the road from National Bookstore Mango branch to Redemptorist Church. There’s a new establishment constructed right in front of Cagnaan Bookstore. In the same area, you will find Calda Pizza. [Read more…]

“You’ve been let go.”

There was no George Clooney involved

There was no lovely looking package. It was just a short brown envelope and a talk about how it was just about business.

Your commitment only turned out to be “just business”. Who am I kidding? I was paid well. I enjoyed 2 years plus of day time schedule, off the phones and getting the benefits due. And it stops here. Hell, the offer was bigger and better than early retirement.

I have been ranting about how my life got to be monotonous, about how I got myself stuck in an 8-5 job in the 9th floor building, how I got stuck in an office cubicle all day when I should be out there in the ground and sun, how I feel I have been juggling a lot of stuff and feels there is not so much time and silently planning before being able to walk out of it all one day. [Read more…]

What Matter

Finally, I get to have a chance to write something in here. I’m just pressed for deadlines and long-term plans.  It’s just about my writing jobs, becoming an independent contractor, work goals and studies. I should change my job description into “Jack of all trades”. I think not!
My worry is that I lose sight of my goals for the long-term. I’m getting agitated by the minute and looking at my life at a different perspective. How did it come to this? Looking at life and situation, it’s always about what I want. I want to do this, I want to be able to do this, I want to be there, I want to go there, I want to own this, I want to own that and I want everything. It all boils down to “humans will never be satisfied”. I just don’t want to settle for anything less.
I find myself thinking about what really matters and what is important for “the now”. What have I been doing to achieve what I want in the future? It seems that I have a lot in my plate. I don’t know if I have the strength, the focus to do it all.


I love ’em!
And I’m supposed to be on a diet!