Nearby Bintan Indonesia

I wanted to feel the sand on my feet again so I decided to go away for the weekend.
 I got my sand and sunrise this summer!
Plus, I’ve said it before; June will never pass me by without seeing the beach one more time. Summer has arrived! [Read more…]

On Diets and Losing Weight

I’m happy to say that I am rice free for the last 7 days. Although I’m not exactly 100% carbo free because of breakfast and occasional snacks, I feel I’m getting there.My motivation? My roommate! Who I think is a cool kid and weigh heavier than me. Who is doing this diet challenge with me. Who is a jogging-after-work freak. Who had tried all the diet pill fad back in the Philippines. Who showed me her before diet-after diet-after a few months after her diet pictures. It’s amazing!

Work? What work?

Oh, did I mention that I am not managing my expenses, I mean savings, that well. What? Give me a break, it’s GSS!

Oh, I’m heading to Indonesia on the 18th to 19th. Gone for the weekend drama. I will try to let you in on it. After. Hehe.