Pulau Ubin

I’ve heard about Pulau Ubin among colleagues and how it’s great for trekking and biking. Trekking I can handle but biking, I’ve no skills for that. But thanks to a promo offered online, I decided to brave it and erase biking as one of the must-try while there.

Pulau Ubin is basically still a part of Singapore. So, no need to show your passport and go through immigration.

To get there, head to Changi Point Ferry Terminal Changi Jetty. It’s right off Changi Bus Interchange. 

10 Months

I feel like I’m on a countdown for something but I don’tknow what. As usual, work takes most of my time. I feel like I haven’t livedand participated at all while living the expat life.
Oh, the countdown. It’s until the end of my contract. I am not sure if I’m up for renewal because of my poor work performance. I’m afraidwhat might happen because I’ve been sending my CV’s out but I’m not getting any calls at all.
I’ve been spending moolah here and there since I’vearrived.  So far, I’ve only been to 2 nearby countries and the travel isn’t much. I can’t make long-term plans because I don’t know what the future holds. Or, am I making excuses again? I feel I am. I’ll make it out alive this month and then I’m booking that next flight out for a much needed R&R, again. [Read more…]