What’s In My iPad Mini: Fitness Apps

October 10, 2014

I’ve downloaded some oldie but goodie apps on my iPad Mini and a few new one's.

The MyFitnessPal app has been with me since 2011, but I cannot say I use it religiously. I know I should.

Next is the Yoga app. I’m a huge fan of beginner Yoga exercises. It’s not too difficult to do but at the same time effective enough to activate the sweat glands. Have you tried the Sun Salutation 30 Days Challenge? Try it out! I should, too.

The 7lbs in 7 Days app is a new one. The app provide 7 days of meal planning that aids weight loss. The meal plan is very interesting. I haven’t acted out the everything that is on the app.

The 7M Fitness and 7M Workout apps make fitness routine and exercise available to me wherever I go. No gym amenities in your next vacation destination, no problem!
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