Dream of Running a Marathon

November 24, 2014

Hasn't happened yet. Yep, I'm definitely slacking and in such a funk. I was never the outdoor kind of girl and I find running boring.

MILO Marathon Fun Run Philippines

MILO Marathon happens every year. It starts from June to December and is happening all over the Philippines. The first MILO Marathon event was up north of the country and moves down to southern Philippines. The marathon is MILO's biggest sporting event every year.

MILO has played a huge part in every kids life. The chocolate drink has branded itself as the drink of choice for champions. MILO ambassadors are mostly athletes who showed exceptional skill in their chosen sport and has stamped a major milestone in Philippines sports.

I completely missed Cagayan de Oro marathon. But then again, I'm not prepared or fit enough to run a marathon. Can you scream "Medic!" with me while on a marathon? Yep, it can get ridiculous like that. Running and finishing a marathon is still part of the bucket list. There's something exclusive about being a marathon finisher and I definitely want to be part of it.

How do you prepare for a 5K-10K-21K marathon? Leave your tips in the comments below.
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