Eat Home Grown

December 1, 2014

Fruits and vegetables are necessary in your daily diet. Eating home grown fruits and vegetables, you’ll know it’s safe and it’s organic as it gets. Here are some fruits and vegetables that’s easy to grow in your own backyard.

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Cherry tomatoes is fast becoming a thing for health and in home gardening. Add tomatoes in your salads, pasta sauce or eat them as is like fruits. It lowers cholesterol thus minimise heart problems.

Malunggay or Moringa

Malunggay is the best thing that happened in green smoothie drinkers. It’s rich in nutrients, inexpensive, low maintenance and importantly, easy to propagate.


Herbs are staple in every foodist and chef garden. It’s easy to grow, in small pots, and maintain. Mint herb can be added in a lot of recipes. You can have your pot of herbs sitting by the kitchen window sill. It’s decorative, too.

Lemon or Kalamansi

Lemons helps your home smell good. Kalamansi give tons of citrus benefits. Growing kalamansi in your home is easy. You can grow them in pots and just leave them outdoor under the sun.


Eat nutritious and delicious papaya harvested from your own backyard. Eat them as fruits or add them in a vegetable salad. They are so low maintenance and does not take too much money to grow.
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