How To Booktube

November 19, 2014

Aside from building your own .com, have you ever thought about creating your own Book Youtube channel?

Like any resource, you must be passionate about your topic and in Youtube’s case, you must be passionate about talking.

Booktuber, Little Book Owl, created this video resource on how how to get started on your book review Youtube channel. In the video, she divided her talk in 5 parts: Terminology, Equipment, Filming, Edition and Getting Seen.

Filming Youtube videos with just your phone.

Got the books and have some opinions about them? What next? One of the concern when starting a Youtube channel is the equipment needed to shoot a video. This next video shows you how Booktuber Jean Bookishthoughts film videos with her iPhone.

How do you stay on top of things? A lot of book review bloggers and Youtubers talk about the latest trend and hype in the publishing world. Just like .com’s strategy, one must talk about the newer books first before anyone else’s. Are you going to be one of them? I think reading old books, one’s that we thought are great, one’s that others may not have heard of, is a great piece to share in the world wide web.

Not sure about buying books and the expense involved? The Book Depository is a great online book store. Ships worldwide and FREE! Book lovers, get on it.
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