Coraline by Neil Gaiman

November 2, 2014

Neil Gaiman
Horror & Ghost, Science Fiction
162 Pages

Coraline and her family just moved into a new house. They found a door that goes out to nowhere and has been blocked by bricks. One day, being left alone by her parents, she decided to unlock the door and saw a dark corridor beyond it. Coraline, the explorer, went through the door and found another set of her Mother and Father. Only, they are as white as paper, with lifeless buttons as eyes and long, pointy and curved nails. The other parents wants her to stay for good and Coraline had to fight her way for her real life on the other side.

This is my very first Neil Gaiman book. Everybody has been raving about it, the book and the movie, and I knew I had to sit down and finish the book. Thank goodness my sister has a copy shoved in between other books in our very small book shelf. My thoughts?

Coraline has got to be the bravest and most clever little girl I’ve ever read about. It’s very fitting to write about darkness, creepy crawlies and lifeless eyes to young children. Kids sometimes can be afraid of these things. Coraline will show them how to be unafraid.

In the first part, Coraline was already dreaming of red eyes and singing of eerie songs. My sister who is in the room immediately said out loud, “Can you smell that? Did someone or something come inside the house?” I immediately put down the book and got scared a bit. My sister can say eerie things sometimes. LOL!

Definitely a must-read and must-see the movie version when done reading. It’s a kid’s classic!

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