S.O.S - A Short Story by Agatha Christie

November 4, 2014

S.O.S - A Short Story
Agatha Christie
Fiction, Mystery & Detective
43 Pages

Mr. Dinsmead lives in a secluded area with his family. That night, the family had dinner and Mrs. Dinsmead seem nervous. It was raining hard that night and his daughter was complaining why they had to live in such a drab place. When they were about to start eating, they heard a knock by the door. Mr. Mortimer Cleveland was stranded and came to the house for shelter. For some reason, he felt excitement upon seeing the house and knocking on its door. The Dinsmead family let him and offered him a place to stay for the night. Mortimer noticed how everyone looked odd. The Dinsmead daughters were sent up to prepare the room for Mortimer. When he was preparing for sleep, he noticed a hand-written SOS in the dusted mahogany table.

The creepiness is felt from the start just like you would normally expect in an Agatha Christie movie and book. Mr. Mortimer Cleveland was very observant from the time he stepped into the house to solving the call for help.

The book has 43 pages but in actuality it’s less than that. The rest of the pages are noted pages of other Agatha Christie books. The entire story is about 28 pages long.

The e-book is indeed short. Something that you can finish before lights off at night or an hour long or less train ride. You can download the e-book for $0.99 in the Harper Collins Reader App.

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