The Buzz That Is New Adult Fiction

November 9, 2014

A buzz about a style of writing has been going around the literary world, New Adult Fiction.

New Adult (NA) Fiction is basically like Young Adult (YA) fiction books only that the protagonists are between the ages of 18-30. NA books are stories that delved into the stage of adulthood that many can relate to. There are readers who are not quite over YA books but are in need of books that are relatable to their age group. That’s where “New Adult Fiction” comes in. It bridges the gap between YA books to Adult books.

A list of popular New Adult Fiction books can be found all over

To me, it feels like any other contemporary romance, women’s literature books. The difference, book experts say, is that the stories behind NA fiction are mostly around monumental firsts in adulthood. It could be first adult relationship, first job, finally being independent, first apartment, etc.

Books I’ve Read Recently under New Adult Fiction and to be reviewed:
1. Losing It ( Female protagonist last year in College)
2. Beautiful Bastard (Female protagonist last year in MBA)
3. Beautiful Stranger (Female protagonist moving into a new city and apartment)
4. Beautiful Player (Female protagonist buried in grad school, starts dating)
5. Wallbanger (Female protagonist, first job after internship)

I find them interesting. If you happen to be a fan of many TV series like New Girl with a touch of Sex in the City (ahem, sexcapades), HBO series Girls to Two Broke Girls and then maybe add the men that you read in adult romance books, this New Adult fiction books are it!

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