10 Things I Would Do If I Was Stuck In A Bookstore Overnight

December 4, 2014

I've never been trapped or stuck in a room just because I forgot about the time or failed to hear the last call. Not even detention! What would I do?

  1. Read that book I’ve wanted to buy recently but just don't have the budget as of yet.
  2. Write a live blogcast of my experience by the minute/hour and keep my location secret while I’m still inside. LOL!

  3. Surf the web? I say surf the book shelves with no loading/foot traffic and interruptions.

  4. Have cafe section? Play barista for a night and make myself a cuppa. Dream come true! Do they keep cupcakes overnight? I’d take one, too.

  5. Tumblr-fy, rainbow bookshelf! Rearrange a bookshelf at the back of the store by book spine colors.

  6. Those Sharpie pens? Oh those Sharpie pens, I’d test them all out.

  7. Book store turned library for the night. Research, research, research on new topics for future blog post.

  8. Play music, wear headphones (don’t want to be caught by the night guard) and dance around the book store!

  9. Try to reach those books at the top of shelves (I’m only 5’1”. This should be fun.) and see what the fuss is all about up there.

  10. Find the cheapest book or notebook ready to check out the morning after. Don’t want to be tinkering with the cash register else it might blow my cover.
As inspired by Bookish Serendipity. Share with me your ideas and leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!
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