#ReadDiversely2015 Challenge

December 29, 2014

It’s definitely happening this year!

In early 2014, there was a campaign, #WeNeedDiverseBooks.

When I first bumped into the idea of reading diversely, to be honest, I felt guilty. I know the kind of books I like to read. Most of them, well, it’s a no-brainer kind of books which is sad. Everyday there are tons of books published all over the world.

Most books I read are romance novels, written by female and American writers. Not very diverse, is it? The percentage of books I read by a male author, is close to 10% or even zero in a year. Unless, I get hold of a new book by John Grisham and Dan Brown, then I’ll be reading it. I’ve read Neil Gaiman’s book this year so that at least count. But then, these male authors are American and English authors. What about male authors from other parts of the world? From Germany, Iceland, Dutch authors, from Australia or Asian authors? What about male and female authors of color? Have you read Maya Angelou’s works? Who else have you read by authors of color?

We need diversity. It’s a way for us to know what and how other countries tell their stories. It’s also a way to support writers from all over the world to keep on writing. There is an audience for every book that is published. Maybe this year, aside from writing book reviews and making some sort of recommendation, I could write about the background or a short profile of the book author.

This year I vow to be smart about the books I purchase so I am able to read diversely. Will I ever stop reading romance novels? Probably not. LOL!

Would you like to join the challenge, too? Let’s make our own campaign, #ReadDiversely2015 , or better yet, join the most popular that is already happening out there.
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