Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

January 11, 2015

Keeping The Moon
Sarah Dessen
228 Pages
Young Adult Fiction
SPEAK Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780142401767
Rating: ♣♣

Keeping The Moon is an okay read. For the most part, I find the flow of the story to be slow. There wasn't a high or low point in the story even after the heart break of Morgan's character. It was flat line for me. I really struggle in finishing the book. There were bread crumbs from the start of the book that you'll eventually know what will happen or wish won't happen.

I find Isabel quite annoying at first. I thought she was going to be mean and all attitude kind of girl to Colie. I was also frustrated with how Mira can withstand living an existence where every where she turn everyone seem to be making fun of her. Mira seems to let people walk all over her. Sure, I agree about not let anyone get you down because you know what kind of person you are, but enough is enough.

I am a sucker for summer setting romantic story. There's something about summer love affair. For Colie to realize who she really likes, to experience her first kiss with a boy who saw the real her, it was indeed a cute romantic story any girl can wish for.

I have been wondering about the book title because there's not one hint why it's titled as such. What's with the moon thing? Is it based on how Isabel and Morgan's friendship is just a joy to watch especially after work at night time? Is it the late night talks between the girls? It was only revealed at the end of the book, Norman's childhood revelation to Colie. And realizing that it was indeed part of Colie, Morgan and Norman stories. It was an "Ah, okay. I get it." moment when I finished the book.

Keeping the Moon is around a childhood experience of an eclipse, fearing the moon might not come back,  the fear of hoping for something more, experiencing for the first time the unknown and not knowing what will happen next and to just believe that everything is going to be all right, that the moon will really come back.

I guess this book reminded me of the struggles of kids the same age as learn how to stand up against bullies, to be comfortable with who they are, to belong, to be admired and loved, that it's okay to let others help them with their problem, finding true friends and to look beyond the outside appearance, to at least give something new a chance, to try, even though kids aren't sure if it's going to change them for the better or not. It's about knowing that something is about to go wrong, hoping it won't happen and that believing it's going to be alright in the end if you just keep trying.

I have one more book to go through of Sarah Dessen. I'll get into that maybe in another month. What's your favourite Sarah Dessen's book?

Did you know the movie "How to Deal" that starred Mandy Moore is based on the book written by Sarah Dessen?

Thank you for reading and come back again soon!
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