Win, Lose Or Die by John Gardner

February 8, 2015


A terrorist group who call themselves as BAST (Brotherhood of Anarchy and Secret Terrorism) is planning to hijack and destroy the Royal Navy aircraft carrier-based summit between leaders of three superpower countries: USA, UK and Russia. M brought in James Bond who is tasked to return to the Royal Navy to disguise his true mission.

BAST is aware of James Bond existence and his skills. While training for the Royal Navy, BAST agents are slowly planning their way into the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible and attempting to take a shot at James Bond.

Win, Lose Or Die
John Gardner
319 Pages
ISBN-13: 9781605984360
Pegasus Books


Win, Lose Or Die is John Gardner’s 8th book featuring Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 character.

This is the first time I’ve read about the famous James Bond. I admit I only get to see this character in a movie. I also didn’t know that Ian Fleming is the original author and creator of the character James Bond.

Like every James Bond movie I’ve seen in the movies, there’s always pretty women involved. And, these girls love him. One female character in the book even described him in thought as “..a hunk”.

Unlike the James Bond movie I’ve seen in the past, the most vivid memories is by Daniel Craig, the 007 of Gardner seems a tad boring. I've never seen a James Bond movie where there were a lot of other characters  working along side him. It's a different kind or version of the James Bond character. I guess that is how Gardner wants in his version of 007.

There was a ton of build up in the middle of the book that I thought it could do without. The James Bond I see in movie is much more exciting than what was written in this book.

But if you don't mind reading a good versus evil where James Bond saves the day, this is that book. It’s a book that paints pictures for the imagination. I’ve never read a book where items used for war or what 007 is seeing or holding are described in complete detail. For someone who has no idea about the instruments of war, this is very helpful.


"You're just like all those pipe dreamers, Clover. There'll never be a fair, free and open society in this world. You see, people get in the way. Ideals are for idealists, and all idealists fall from grace. No ideal works, simply because human beings cannot cope with it. The man said it all - Power tends to corrupt; and all absolute power corrupts absolutely." James Bond hostaged by Wren Clover Pennington.
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