The Blondes By Emily Schultz

March 7, 2015


Hazel Hayes is a graduate student living in New York City when she learns she is pregnant from an ill-advised affair with her married professor. More worrisome than the shock of this discovery is the apocalyptically bad timing; random but deadly attacks, all by women with light hair, have begun terrorising the city's inhabitants.

As the days pass, it becomes clear that the attacks are symptoms of a strange contagion that is transforming blondes from all walks of life--whether CEOs, flight attendants, students, accountants, television personalities, or academics--into rabid killers. Hazel--confused, desperate, almost penniless and soon visibly pregnant--flees the city and sets out to cross the border into Canada where she will find the one woman who just might be able to help her in a world gone awry.

The Blondes
Emily Schultz
ISBN-13: 9781250043351
Publishing Date: April 21, 2015
Book Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), SciFi & Fantasy
Rating: ♣♣♣ 


I have never read any book review when I requested for an ARC. I was only drawn by the book cover and the feeling evoked because of the irony of the book title, “The Blondes.”

Imagine having a DNA that this dangerous epidemic only infects. Imagine Ebola Virus, SARS or MERS virus and you are one of those that gets infected. I’ve never read a book that’s quite like it. Even when in the book how Science explains that it can be so but you don’t really quite get it, believe it or understand why. You know what they say about blondes? Okay, it’s wrong to say that but that’s the book’s premise.

The protagonist, Hazel Hayes, is not really a likeable character. Plus, there’s this epidemic going around and the protagonist having witnessed the dangers of those affected. Hazel is a twenty-something girl, found herself pregnant with a very much married Professor. That scream unlikeable. The title alone should have given you an idea. There were parts of the book wherein you’d see how a woman is judged by her looks, judged by her attitude, her behaviour during distressing times. You’d want to find out, travel with her, read about her journey to telling the Father of her unborn child, to wanting to know how the book will end.
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