Current Blemish Coverage Makeup

June 23, 2015

What’s a career girl to do when you end up sporting twin pimples on both cheeks? Savage, isn’t?

I spot conceal with Fake Up by Benefit. The liquid concealer is easy to manage just make sure to blend with clean fingers.

When that’s not enough to boost once confidence, I also use Hello Flawless by Benefit to cover redness around the nose.

There are times when wearing full coverage makeup is scary especially when there are skin breakouts. In cases like this, I would use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It’s great for our humid weather. It also gives the skin some breathing room.

Don’t forget to spot treat the pimple before concealing. There’s nothing more that I hate when one tries to hide an irritated pimple with makeup. You’ll only make it worse.

What’s your go to blemish concealing makeup? Tweet us your recommendations.

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