Nissan Philippines Tips on Defensive Driving

June 18, 2015

My dream car is an SUV and I have been crushing on the all new Nissan X-Trail. Although I never learned to drive a car, I would love to drive one someday, I want to share some helpful tips I found from Nissan Philippines. Please read carefully to avoid future car accidents from happening.
  • Flash your brake lights to send a warning to the motorist at the back by lightly pumping on the brake pedal.
  • Always keep right and let faster moving vehicles through to the left.
  • When faced with a motorist on a two-way road with bright beam lights, focus on the right side of the road instead and just keep ones lights on low beam.

  • Do not drive for more than 2 ½ hours—straight. If inevitable, take stopovers and walk for around three (3) minutes.

  • On long drives, switch off the air conditioning system after every hour and lower the windows for a while.
Any tips from seasoned drivers reading this? Leave them in the comments below. Thank you!

Photo credit: Interaksyon
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