What's On My iPhone?

October 20, 2015

There are apps installed that has been downloaded the first day I got an iPhone. Some of the apps are newer because I love the convenience of having them on my iPhone. There are apps that are fun but I had to remove because updating them can be tedious. Here are the apps that is currently installed on the iPhone for a long while now.

Here is what you'll see in my Lock and Home Screens. The wallpaper is a free download I've found around the web. I know I found them at two different creative bloggers. I forgot the names. Oops!

In here you'll see Books, Finance and Health apps grouped together. I had the MyFitnessPal and Nike + iPod app since the day I got my iPhone. The Finance apps are recent installs so is Audible.

For my Games and Editor apps, I feel they change quite often especially the games app. I had other photo editing apps that I had to delete because I don't use them quite often.

Now for the fun part, the Social Media and Photography apps. Wait, I'm not sure why Foursquare is still on there. I guess I decided to keep it so that I can stalk my younger sister all the time? LOL! Afterlight photography app is my current bestfriend. My #Bookstagram account photos are edited using that app. I had to keep Camera+ because that was a premium app.

What's your favorite app at the moment? Leave them in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading!

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