Fluffymaru Designs And Custom Stickers

November 13, 2015

You've probably seen ladies who plan marry the craft of scrapbooking. The need to buy the stickers is just for this reason. I'm not a fan of scrapbooking but I do love to keep a planner handy. I've started using stickers in my 2015 planner but I haven't been religiously decorating it. The chosen planner for 2016 has been pre-ordered already. It's only natural to pre-order and ready a newer set of stickers.

I came across Fluffymaru Designs on Etsy by accident. I was looking for simple but cute stickers, that accepts custom work and one's that are also affordable. The lady behind the Etsy store, Sammie Yu, was quick to respond to my queries. She was able to present the custom design I requested that following day after I made my payment. She was also open to making changes until I was satisfied.

The only never changing activity on my planner is a reminder of TV shows that is on Star World-HBO-Lifestyle Network;  to pay the electric and internet bills; and blogging alerts. In the package, she also sent me some few sticker freebies. Thank you!

Tips when buying from Fluffymaru Designs:
  1. Ask other payment options that is convenient for you. Sammie might have that option readily available for you.
  2. Have a clear idea of the custom design you want. You will have to give her direction.
  3. Have an open mind because the artist behind the store may have a better design than you have in mind.
  4. She accepts custom stickers that are not yet sold at the store. In my case, the blogging sticker was a request I made. 
  5. Don't give the seller a hard time. Be ready to buy the stickers especially when you are transacting custom work.
  6. Always be kind. It goes a long way. Makes the business transaction easier for the both of you. No hassle.
  7. Ask to use the glossy sticker paper. You won't be sorry. In my case, I'm glad the seller recommended it. 
That's about it! I had a great experience with the store. Ask her for custom work if you are keen on buying from her. You can also find them on Instagram: @fluffymarudesigns. They also ship worldwide!

Ugh! It's too cute. Swear. Highly recommended!
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