Inexpensive DIY Christmas Wreaths

November 24, 2015

Coming home after a days work and seeing the Christmas wreath decor on the door gets you into the festive spirit.

Making an eye catching Christmas wreath is simple. This year, I plan to make use of old Christmas balls and accessories instead of throwing them out. The rest of the supplies can be bought in your local stores for an affordable price.

For me, I will make use of a pre-made wired wreath wrapped with fake evergreen boughs. You will also need glue sticks, glue gun, old Christmas tree decors, a meter or two of a wide red ribbon and burlap.

The burlap will be sparsely wrapped around the wire, the inner part of the wreath while avoiding in covering the entire evergreen. This is just to make sure that there is something solid for the decors to hold on to. The fake evergreens in my wreath might not be strong enough to hold a hot glue gunned Christmas accessories. The red ribbon is for the final touch, placed at the top and centre of the wreath.

Are you DIY-ing anything this Christmas? Share your links in the comments below. Thank you for reading!
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