November 12, 2015

Coffee addict? The NESCAFE Red Mug makes a cool Christmas gift to oneself!

Every morning can start out the same way, but every morning also has the potential of becoming an exceptional one. Give life and flavor to your morning with a fresh cup made especially for you by the NESCAFE Red Mug Coffee Maker. 

The NESCAFE Red Mug Coffee Maker graces you with a compact coffee machine developed to you by the NESTLE’s coffee experts in Switzerland. Designed to create a variety of layered and foamy coffees, it does all the work while you sit back, relax, and enjoy one beautiful cup of coffee after another. 


The NESCAFE Red Mug Coffee Maker works best with the NESCAFE Red Mug Coffee, NESCAFE Classic and NESTLE Coffee-mate. Enhance the experience of your every morning cup with the NESCAFE Red Mug Coffee Maker.

This coffee maker is already available at

The box also includes one clear glass, a pack of Coffee Mate and Nescafe Classic.

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