Social Media & Essena O’Neill Factor

November 4, 2015

Social media is supposed to CONNECT people to one another. There was a time when social media was just what it was.

Yes, there are people who do it for the gratification of saying “Hey, I have more followers than you.” or “I am going to post this and in this manner because it’s going to give me likes, exposure and hopefully, will get me to the Popular Page.” That’s when its starting to be FAKE.

Youtubers cannot stress it enough when they say, “Don’t do it for the money. Do it because you are passionate about it.” This should apply in all social media platform.

There are businesses and brands who do it for the likes, followers and such because they are selling us something. If you are individual, what are you trying to sell? That you have a beautiful body and you can be a model? You have a beautiful face, you are funny, you are passionate about a subject, you make a good multimedia star?

Unless your a big corporation, the minute you see a platform as
a way to become popular and make money,
your digging your own grave.

Those magazine glossies that people are saying are shutting down because no one is buying? Remember those? They have been doing it for years! They get paid professionals to get those beautiful, staged pictures and professional writers to influence you to a lifestyle. Those beauty, fashion social influencers, weren't good enough to enter the publishing world so they create their own platform.

But when you are an individual doing all these things, it can get too much. There are digital stars who make a business and an empire out of their popularity online. Have you seen that Fashion Bloggers show on E! Channel? I got to see one episode of it and I saw these big fashion bloggers in action. THEY HIRE PROFESSIONALS TO GET THOSE BEAUTIFUL SHOTS. As you would a magazine. 

Have I seen Essena O’Neill or heard of her before? No. She suddenly popped up on my Youtube suggested videos feed. She's supposed to be one of those "Instagram models". 

I didn’t watch her entire video of why she’s quitting. Really, ordinary people do that these days? I guess when you have 900K+ followers on Instagram, you kind of have to, huh? Well, they know your face. So.. I don’t know. 

When people cry on a video and explain about their life in an open and very public platform, I just don’t get it. Is it because of that “CONNECT” thing on social media? Come on. It’s your life. You just negate what your saying on the video. Just quit if you want to and not have to explain your actions. Social gratification, that entitlement, very social media star-esque like really. 

I don’t think she will be quitting social media. There’s a website that she’s promoting. She wants people to visit her website. For the clicks this time. No? YES! Very sly. She's not promoting a physical product but a website. Website and bloggers are still social. 

I kind of see that video as a “monologue” that actors do. Is she going to acting? The things she say in the video, it’s nothing new. I’ve heard of it before. I guess her 900K+ Instagram and 200K+ Youtube followers does not? 

REMEMBER WHY THEY SAY, NEVER READ MAGAZINES? ITS ONLY GOING TO MAKE YOU FEEL UGLY? It also apply to social media. Filter what you read and believe.

People only share the good parts of their life on social. Can you imagine the bad parts they are hiding? 

The internet is weird. There are thousands of content creators that publish weird content. Call it internet noise. 
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