2016 Design Your Life Planner

January 20, 2016

Before the end of the year 2015, I was researching for new planners that I might be interested in using. I found the Design Your Life planner with the blue, back to basic design. But this year, I decided not to use the planner and went with a simple pocket planner and gave the planner as a gift.

Here's how the planner looks like:

  • The quality of the paper is okay. I don't think paper will bleed ink on the next page. 
  • I love the reminder to drink water feature that allows you to tick off the number of glass of water you drank.
  • Free stickers!
  • A two page Expense Tracker for every month
  • A few pages of Travel Planner
  • Cash Flow Tracker template for the finance savy 2016
What's your choice of planner this year? Leave me the link to an Instagram photo, if you have any. Thank you!

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