Green cleaning and organizing tips

January 25, 2016

Below are a few tips to spruce up your apartment for the new year. 

1) Love paper and keeping documents? Go through your filing cabinets and office desks to find recyclable and unneeded papers.

2) Got too many clothes? Donate unused clothing to charity or pass them on to someone you know who might need it.

3) Techie girl? You see those unused chargers and/or old gadgets? You can actually recycle them. Find out what your area offers in regards to these electronics.

4) Using eco friendly cleaning products should make you feel good about yourself. Make a habit of supporting products that are good for the environment. Or, make your own natural cleaning supplies! Vinegar and baking soda are your DIY cleaning best friends.

5) Ready to move on from the rainy or winter season? Freshen up the air with lemons or simply open your window and let the sunshine in.

What's your go to green cleaning tips? Would love to hear about it in the comments section. Thank you.
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