PhilHealth 2016 Contribution for Self-employed, Individually Paying and OFW

January 29, 2016

One of the many things freelancers and work at home individuals think about is continuing to pay their health coverage without the help of their employers. Continuing payments for these medicals benefits is definitely a must and is considered a smart move as health insurance and medical expenses can be very costly.

Here’s the latest PhilHealth 2016 Contribution for Self-employed and Individually paying members.

If you are self-employed and individually paying members, with P25,000 and below monthly income, you can pay annual premium of P2,400 while for those who are earning more than P25,000 monthly they can pay P3,600 per year.

PhilHealth 2016 Contribution
Self-Employed & Individually Paying
Income Payment
25,000 & below 2,400
25,000 & above 3,600

If you fall in this category, you can pay premium quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on what is convenient for your budget.

For those Filipino’s who are working overseas, here’s the latest PhilHealth 2016 Contribution for you.

For Overseas Filipino workers, you have the option to pay your premium: annually for P2,400 or P1,200 Semi-annually. 
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