What Does Your Favorite Breakfast Food Say About You?

January 8, 2016

Breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day. I can't be without breakfast. I get really grumpy. LOL! Buzzfeed posted an article last year about what your favourite breakfast food say about you.

Importantly, what does my favourite breakfast food say about me? Let's find out.

The breakfast foods featured in the article is a long one. I would love to eat all the food on their list. I like to mix up my breakfast meal once in awhile. For the past 3 or 4 years, it's Pan de sal and Coffee but let's stick to what is on the list.

But first, coffee!

It’s basically like a brother, a mother, a lover, to us all. If it’s your favorite part of breakfast, you tend to be the kind of person who instantly makes any room better just by walking into it. You improve any situation. You’re the alcohol of people.

No Pan De Sal. So, bagel.

If a bagel is your favorite, you’re basically like BeyoncĂ©. That’s just a basic fact. No one’s ready for your jelly. Or cream cheese. Whatever.

Eggs Benedict

There was a time I got addicted to Eggs Benedict only because Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is right in our office building. Breakfast first before work.

Eggs Benedict are for anyone who loves it when a poached egg explodes all over their breakfast. If that describes you, listen up. Here’s a secret: Everyone wants to be you. Maybe they make it obvious, maybe they keep it on the down low, but you and your egg explosions are where it’s at.

French Toast

In Singapore, I got addicted to homemade French Toast. Weekend breakfast became a special time.

If this squishy egg bread is your favourite, it means one thing: You’re destined for greatness. French Toast eaters cannot be stopped so everyone should watch out for you and your maple syrup trail to the stars.


Mama loves breakfast in Jollibee. We usually have of the same kind. Sausage for breakfast.

If sausage is your favorite, it means you’re a breakfast champion. And that’s a real thing. Breakfast champions are members of an elite class of breakfast eaters. Once their talent is spotted, they’re sent off to train and represent their country in the Olympics for breakfast eating.


Being such a faker, meaning me, attempting to diet? LOL!

If oatmeal is your favourite, you deserve an award. Is it an award for eating a healthy breakfast? No! Of course not! It’s an award for just being awesome.

What does your favourite breakfast food say about you? Check out the article over at Buzzfeed.
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