Read Recently: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

February 22, 2016

I will try to write as much about the book without spoilers.

Title: Fangirl
Author: Rainbow Rowell

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An ode to pop culture: fangirl, fanboy, fandom, fan fiction.

Cath is a twin to Wren and both girls are about to start university. As young girls, they were both into Simon Snow book series. When University started, both girls went on their separate ways. That's typical for twins. The youngest in my family is twins and they always assert their individuality.

Early on, it was clear that Cath was the weak, clingy twin. Wren keeps things together when it comes to Cath and their Father, Levi. The Mother didn't appear at the start of the book so you'll know there's got be back story there. They are dysfunctional characters and as a family.

As a reader and frustrated writer, it baffles me that someone as young as Cath, can write as much, with a huge following and still has not published a book on her own. As the story progresses, you will learn why.

Like every University experience, there's going to be a boy, story about College parties, getting drunk and class pressures. The characters weren't extraordinarily beautiful, the characters were awkward in some ways, unique, very individual, but they still ended up as friends. And, of course, Cath finally faces up to her fears.

I have questions unanswered after reading the book. Why does Cath always wake up at dawn, makes sure the doors are locked in their family home, couldn't sleep near the front door? Is it really just about why their family is dysfunctional? Is it really just that fear? I wanted it to seem more. But then again, when you go through a trauma, it has adverse effects. It's how Cath cope with it.

It's a coming of age book about love, family and fan fiction. If you want to know how to Fangirl the right way, read this book. I gave it 4 stars in my Goodreads page. Go follow me there. Thanks!
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