Sheaffer Iridium Point Germany Calligraphy Pen

February 9, 2016

I'm not sure exactly what the pen is called. It didn't say in the box, for me, at least. I couldn't find the exact same pen or even the cost in the internet. No receipt was kept after the purchase.

But, for a calligraphy beginner's pen, it's not that expensive. The refill box is for Php 80.00 only and contains 9 cartridges.

It took awhile to get used to writing with this pen. Even when they say "Do not press" the fountain pen, I found the nib sturdier than expected. They say that if it doesn't write well, without pressing the nib down, it means your pen is faulty.

It's pretty with its chrome pen finish and gold accent. The nib in gold makes you feel like your writing something significant. LOL! Definitely a nice change from the usual pen. It adds pizzaz to your normal, everyday writing experience.

If you know how much this pen cost, leave it in the comments section. Appreciate that. Thanks.
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