Valentine's DIY 2016: Framed Artwork

February 13, 2016

Strapped with cash this Valentine's? No problem. DIY the heck out of this heart's day.

Add dreamy layers of color, and a simple shape becomes a stunning work of art!
  • To start, outline your heart shape and wet the area you’re going to paint. 
  • Then dab on colors— they’ll quickly spread as they interact with the water. 
  • Let the paint dry, and then go back over the shape with additional layers of paint and water until you achieve the desired effect. 

Finish off by placing it on an inexpensive picture frame. Now, you can say you made an effort in your gift idea.

Watercolor Tips & Tricks:
  • Try outlining your design with colored pencil instead of graphite— regular pencil can be hard to erase under watercolor. 
  • When blending and mixing paints, stick with complementary colors (on opposite sides of the color wheel) to avoid muddy browns and grays. 
  • Keep a few paper towels on hand while you paint—they’re helpful for removing excess moisture from your brushes. 
Credit: HobbyLobby
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