Bedroom Makeover With Mandaue Foam Philippines

April 14, 2016

Mandaue Foam is a foam manufacturer in Cebu City. It’s trademark products include its signature Flex Foam and Hotel Quality Gala Bed Mattress. Soon after it started, Mandaue Foam sensed a need in the market for a complete home store and it began to expand and diversify its product lines to include pillows, sofas, dining tables, bed frames, and other small home items.

Why look for imported furniture when you can support locally made products?

  1. Soho Upholstered Double Bed Php 16,300 
  2. Double Bed Flex Comfort Foam Php 8,230 
  3. Luxuria Foam Pillow Php 600 
  4. Mezzo Pure Plain White Full Bedding Set Php 1,900
  5. Avorio Pezzi Night Stand Php 2,700
  6. Six Chest of Drawers Php 7,500  
  7. Two Door Sliding Wardrobe Php 23,200  
  8. Computer Desk Php 3,080  
  9. Orange Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain Php 580 
  10. Basic Colorful Clock Php 490 
Do you support local furniture makers? If so, where do you buy your furnishings? Let me  know in the comments below. Thank you.
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