Personal Care Update: What I'm Using

August 27, 2016

Personal hygiene products need not be expensive. These are the products I am currently using.

I have to say, the Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash was a purchase error. I was looking for a body lotion or moisturizer. But, since I'm out of body wash, Olay is not bad of brand to not try.

Purity Cotton Buds is available at Watsons. We love the packaging of this brand. There's no special reason why we love this brand except its container. It cleans ears just as fine as other brands.

Colgate toothpaste has been in the family for too long. Sometimes people forget that Colgate is a brand name and not the actual product. #Face2Face with Sarah G campaign is making waves online.

Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo is my all-time favorite shampoo. One hair wash is all it takes to get that smooth and floral fragrant hair all day.

Since itchy scalp is ailing me in this really hot weather, Head & Shoulders is making a staple in the shower. I prefer the minty variant but I could try the smooth & silky one, too.

Aveeno is slowly entering the Philippines market. I remember getting Aveeno through my sister who lives in the United States. In the last 2 weeks, Jennifer Aniston is gracing Philippines TV through the brand commercial. 

Agua de Colonia, I love me any baby cologne. It's not too strong for the Philippines weather. It's light and fresh. Easy to wear on a daily basis.

What personal care products are you currently using?
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