M&G Signme Pens

September 13, 2016

Calligraphy and lettering are so popular these days. I remember my older brother, back when he was in Highschool, making his lettering projects.

I don't want to try how to do lettering or calligraphy properly but I'd rather rely on own handwriting or penmanship. But, it does not hurt to be writing with such beautiful pens.

M&G Signme Aquarelle Brush 12 Colors Pens are available at SM Department Store at their School Supplies section for only Php 299.75 per pack.

The pens come in double ended tips, a brush and fine tip. The colors available are as seen in the photos.

Are you into calligraphy? What pens do you recommend? Are you into lettering, too? Can you recommend the best How-to guide book for beginners? Leave them in the comments below. 
Thank you.

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