Hurricanes and Storms in the Philippines

October 15, 2016

The Philippines experiences only two of seasons, hot or sunny and the rainy seasons. When rainy seasons come, it's the time when we think about how sturdy the roof of the house is, the survival kit readiness and flooding readiness while on a daily commute to school or work.

We've weathered through many storms that at some areas, people just brush it off like any other storms or as an example, the Typhoon Sendong.

I bought the DVD copy of the "The Inconvenient Truth". The idea that we are slowly killing the Earth day by day and repairing it is going to cost us triple the amount is just too scary. Watch also like blockbuster films "The Day After Tomorrow", "Into the Storm" and the most recent, "San Andreas".

In the Philippines, we are taught to be ready. It shouldn't be the norm at all. We should all work together to make it all stop. Corporations should be charged triple the amount of tax for killing natural resources, for causing flooding, or for carbon emissions and more.
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