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November 7, 2016

DIY: Build A Bed

This is by far the DIY bed tutorial that I found on Youtube that uses less wood. The parts of the bed are quite complicated. But, if you can have your hardware store or local carpenter shop do the pre-cut for you, it should be easy putting the pieces together.

The measurements are as follows:

1- 2x8 @ 57"
2- 2x6's @ 57"
2- 2x4's @ 45"
2- 2x4's @ 12.5"
2- 2x4's @ about 25.5" (cut them after assembly)

Foot of bed:
1- 2x8 @ 57"
2- 2x4's @ 19.5"
2- 2x4's @ 12.5"

Side Rails:
2- 2x8's @ 86"
2- 2x2's @ about 79" (cut them after assembly)

Mattress supports:
5- 1x10's @ about 60" (cut them after assembly)

DIY: Wood + Iron Table

Instead of planks, I would just buy one piece of 3/4 inch thick of plywood for the dining table. It's easier especially if you don't have the tools. The PVC pipes would be a lot less expensive but not durable for a dining set piece. An office desk, maybe.

DIY: Build Industrial Style Closet

This piece is great if you have space. I can see myself using this type of closet in a rental. The only piece that I find difficult in this project is the drilling of the hole. Instead of drilling, I would nail the pipes to the sides with a flange attached on both ends. And, instead of iron pipes, I would use PVC pipes and spray painted white.

DIY: Build A Pallet Couch

This project could be done better but you get the gist of how it's made. I love the L-Shape sofa design, that they sanded the wood and painted it white. They could cut the sides of the pallet straight to avoid accidents. The backrest foam could be done better, too. Make it into one piece foam like the seat.

DIY: Adjustable Height Sitting or Standing Desk

A new take on interior design. Go industrial in your home office. The video is not much of a tutorial but you get the idea. You don't have to make the table adjustable if you want an easy project.

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