Dream Filofax Pocket Planner

November 14, 2016

It's checklist season and I'm obsessed watching planner set up videos on Youtube. I already own an A5 ring binder planner but there's something about owning a Filofax.

I've recently ordered the Geometric Pocket Organiser just to fill my Filofax fixation. It's not the most ideal in terms of design but it's still too cute. I'll show you when I have it set up.

But, here's what I would love on a Filofax planner:

1. Denim Dots Organizer - 4 Card Slots ( Left Hand Details)
2. Classic Croc Organizer - Wallet Pocket ( Special Features)
3. Malden Organizer - Vertical Slip Pocket & Notepad Pocket ( Right Hand Details)

I cannot figure out the coin or zipper pocket in a leather Filofax organizer. I feel like the one's they already have is just too small and will eventually damage the organizer. And you know that Filofax doesn't come cheap, the zipper pocket feature will just end up being useless.

I know a leather store, supplier, and manufacturer of leather goods that my Mother frequents. I wonder how much it will cost to have a custom planner made.

What's your ideal leather planner design? Are you into Filofax or other brands? Let me know your recommendations below. Thank you.
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