Let Grammarly Help

November 3, 2016

Grammarly is a proofreading feature that is always on. Every time you write, you’ll immediately get corrections and suggested ways to write a sentence. Installing the Grammarly plugin to Chrome was easy and the best decision I’ve made. The installation and use is free but you can get more services for a premium.

Click photo above to go to Grammarly. Best decision ever!

You don’t have to open a separate Word pad in order to use the spell check feature. If you’re online, writing a response to your e-mail on Gmail, or updating your social media feed in various social media sites, Grammarly will help correct the mistakes wherever you are on the web.

Before Grammarly, I was relying on the MS Word spell and grammar check feature. After a few days, I get back to my writing and then notice the mistakes I’ve made. Writing the cover letter and proofreading the resume is much easier and minimizes the mistakes. Grammarly guarantees all these before you hit the send button.

As a blogger, I always thought that blogging is a free form of writing, without too much processing or filtering the thought because it’s my personal space. It’s not a professional writing space. But, as years go by and I started booking paid written works, this is when proper use of grammar is most important. Thank goodness for Grammarly!

Save yourself the hassle and going back to old articles just to proofread. Install Grammarly now. It’ll make your life easier.

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