Minimalist Inspired Furniture

November 10, 2016

As defined by blogger Becoming Minimalist, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

Minimalism is a lifestyle. It does not equate to letting go of all things and owning boring things. My take on it is to live a life that is anti-materialism. To own what is only necessary, the one's that is truly loved, and having a well-curated house.

Every year, there is such a thing that we call "spring cleaning" and letting go of things that we don't use or love anymore. Only to find another year of amassing more things to replace the one's we've let go.

Owning shoes in several colors is not minimalism. In my case, buying books just because I can is not minimalism. Sure, let's talk about my colored pens collection, notebooks, and craft materials, too.

But, if I have a minimalist household, what would it look like? Here's some furniture that reminds me of minimalism because of its no frills factor and still beautiful to look at.

  1. Nest - Frankfurt Table Oak and White
  2. Debenhams - Set of 2 'Kempton' armchairs
  3. Muji - Solid Oak Double Bed
  4. Marks & Spencer - Hastings Ivory Triple Wardrobe

What's your take on minimalism?

I've already rid myself of the clothes that don't fit me, that I don't wear or have no use because of a change in lifestyle. Less clutter,  less maintenance, the better. If I hate the upkeep of certain things, it's going out the door. Next, I need to tackle the books. That's going to hurt. Oh, the bags, too. Ugh!
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