5 Healthy Options Gift Boxes for Christmas

December 18, 2016

A great gift to give someone special is the gift of good health and wellness for the upcoming new year. Healthy Options Philippines have put together five gift boxes full of healthy snacks. There's a theme for each box and for sure, one of that box fits the one you love.

The Advent Candle Box is a Christmas box for the health enthusiast.


The Christmas Angel Box is for that someone you know who is allergic to gluten.


The Star of Bethlehem Box is for the certified foodie that you know.


The Evergreen Fir Box is for the fitness junkie.


The St. Nicholas Box is a healthy food snack box that the whole family can enjoy.


The problem is the Healthy Options website isn't very informative. There's no description on what each box contains or if it's customizable. I can't even find the price of the gift boxes or is it priced depending on the items inside the box?

I tried contacting them via social media but I was directed to their website which did not help. And, there's no Healthy Options store near me. I have to travel to a different city which is two hours away. I would love to find out more before visiting the store or buying.

If there's a store near you, maybe you could help me out. Leave me your feedback in the comments below. Thank you!
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