Singapore Botanic Gardens

July 27, 2017

The last few weeks I knew my Singapore work visa will not be renewed was spent going to tourist places that I haven't visited. One of my last pit stop among the handful that there is around Singapore is the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Chopin Monument at the Symphony Lake

Before leaving the house or your hotel, put on SPF, bring a bottle of water and an umbrella. Going to the park, I took the North-South Line MRT and stopped at the Orchard Station. From there, take the 5 minutes bus ride to Tanglin Gate. Here's a more accurate description on how to get there.

Symphony Lake

I was there on a week day so it felt like walking into a secret garden. Well, until I reached certain areas like the restaurant and entrances to attractions like the National Orchid Garden. There you'll see tourists milling around or waiting in line. If you are into flower or landscape photography, you'll love this place.

One of the attractions of the park, National Orchid Gardens.

There's also a tourist shop inside. I got a Chinese calligraphy version of my name and what it means. It's cute! 
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