Last Week in Singapore – Part 1

It’s my final week here in Singapore. I’m trying to say goodbye to the place that I’ve lived for almost 2 years.

I have 5 days left in Singapore and then I will be going on a solo road trip.

Today I went to Singapore Botanic Gardens. I’ve always wanted to go there for a long time. But now that the Yellow MRT line is fully functioning, going to the Singapore Botanic Gardens is now easy.

Chinese/Japanese Gardens versus Singapore Botanic Gardens

I have been to the Chinese/Japanese Gardens long time ago. I find the landscaping of the gardens having that Zen like effect. Here you will see statues of famous Chinese heroes like Mulan and Chinese philosophers Confucius. The Gardens are accessible via Green MRT line and just get off the Chinese Gardens EW25 station. The Gardens are just a few minutes walk away from the MRT station.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, on the other hand, have that flora and fauna effect. There are a lot of trees here compared to Chinese Gardens and you will hear the chirping of birds.

What I am excited to see is the National Orchid Park that they have there. Again, Botanic Gardens is accessible by taking the Yellow MRT line and just get off the Botanic Gardens MRT station. Once you make the exit, you will see the gates leading to the Gardens.

Also, I went for another round of shopping. I have no intention of buying any more clothes but Forever 21 had Yellow Tag items that I just could not resist. I bought a string bikini bottom for $10 and a spaghetti strap top for $5. I also bought a coffee table book about Singapore. My older sister bought a book about the city of Chicago and State of Illinois so I decided to buy one about Singapore. I ended the day by watching “Battleship”. I will also miss Singapore’s cinemas Golden Village and Cathay Cineplex. Clean and comfy!

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