About Me

Hi, my name is Audrey! I have been formally blogging since 2007. I say formally because I used to have Friendster and Multiply accounts and I post my thoughts on there before I rediscovered Blogger and then WordPress. Despite the many years of curating, I like to call myself an amateur blogger and photographer because I always need improvement and I still have a lot to learn.


Currently, I work remotely as a Project Manager | Mobile App Builder for an Australian businesswoman. I also work for a few hours as a Social Media Manager for a media business solutions company based in the Philippines. I am a licensed teacher with a degree in business. I will eternally be curious, always learning new things. A student of life. I am an introvert, independent, a romantic at heart and adventure seeking single girl.

In 2007, I started My Beautiful Complications, a personal blog, using Blogger platform. I deleted the blog and created Maldeetuh Ramblings. When I moved to WordPress, I decided to change the blog name that is easy to manage and is true to who I am, my name, Audrey. Thus, audreyisms.com . It is a general life & style blog and is rather girly.

In here, I write about personal concerns, reviews, how-to, lifestyle, food, entertainment, beauty and fashion trends, finance topics and travel. I do blog the out of the blue rant so please excuse me. This serves as a time capsule, hodgepodge of interest and written in my own point of view unless otherwise stated.

I like having a creative outlet. It works like some cheap therapy. Be warned though. I am not the best in grammar or writing in general. In that arena, I need a Dummies Guide to English Grammar book.

I do not condone bashing and spamming. If you like what you are reading, I highly encourage you to leave a positive comment or constructive criticism and to subscribe to the blog’s feed.

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Thank you and enjoy your stay!


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