Acne Face Map And Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Care

My skin is not what you call “flawless” but I try hard getting a semblance of “flawless”-ness.

I was watching some popular beauty and fashion Youtubers and saw Rachel Talbott of “CheckInTheMirror” skincare video. Rachel used to be a skin specialist. She talked about the reasons behind breakouts in particulars areas of the face. In the video, you will see and hear her talk about breakouts in the forehead can be due to dehydration, in the nose and cheeks can be due to allergies and in the chin and jaw is due to hormones.

I did some research online and came across “Acne Face Map” via Skinacea which is just a general guideline for determining causes of breakouts in the face but please note that the causes does not apply for everyone.

CAUSES: Digestive problems (hard time breaking down certain foods); Small intestine issues; Liver issues; Irregular sleep schedule; Stress; Bad tempers; Too much worrying; Too much sugary foods; Toxin build-up; Hair products; Bangs; Wearing dirty caps/hats

Left Cheek
CAUSES: Liver; Overeating; Nutrition hard to absorb; Stress; Stomach problems; Dirty cell phones; Dirty pillow cases; Dirty makeup brushes; Blush

CAUSES: Poor diet; Constipation; Bloating; Gastrointestinal imbalance; Indigestion; Poor blood circulation if skin on nose peels

Right Cheek
CAUSES: Lungs; Allergies; Stress; Stomach problems; Too much sugar; Dirty cell phones; Dirty pillow cases; Dirty makeup brushes; Blush

Chin and Jaw
CAUSES: Hormonal problems; Gynecological issues; Kidney imbalance (for under the face/chin pimples); Resting hands on face; Toothpaste

I feel fortunate I never had acne problems. I did get pimples while I was growing up and some pimples due to hormonal changes even now. I never take good care of my skin the way I should and I am paying the price now. Can you imagine noticeable pores? Wrinkles due to excessive sun exposure? Also, I am one of those girls who prick and scratch a pimple with a finger.


A year ago, while working abroad, I started using Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. Every time I use the product, it gives me that minty tingle feeling. The product helped in drying out pimples and stops the itchiness. I continue using this product until the pimple diminishes and it leaves no sign of blemish in the face. On Body Shop’s website, the facial wash and toner is said to be safe for use on a daily basis. Personally, my skin becomes too dry if I use it everyday. I only use the wash and toner everyday whenever I get pimples and use it twice a week when I don’t have pimples. I really recommend this product!

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