About Audrey

I have been blogging since 2007 via Blogger and then Wordpress. I like taking pictures with my Canon 450D camera and iPhone 4. I am a licensed Teacher, holds a degree in Business with a major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. Currently, I work from home as a Social Media Manager for a media company and Project Manager for a mobile app company. A Life Enthusiast, Freelancer, Hopeless Romantic, Dreamer, Lover of the Arts. For business inquiries, please fill out the Contact form.

Picture Collage Maker

Our good friends from Picture Collage Maker app has given me access to their app for use and for review. This is the 3rd time I’ve used this app since I’ve received it. I’ve been meaning to upload a video of me using the app but my video editor is messed up.

Picture Collage Maker - 1

As a blogger and social media manager for my blogs, one way to increase interaction, interest or clicks from followers or subscribers is to post updates with beautiful graphics. This is why I took on this project with them.

In the app store, as you can see, the app is for $19.99. Worth the investment? I’ve been meaning to create a digital family Christmas greeting cards that we can share in our social media accounts. This app is a life saver! Look for Picture Collage Maker 3 by PearlMountain Technology Co. Ltd.

Picture Collage Maker - 2

When you open Picture Collage Maker app, you’ll immediately see the options pop-up page. There, you can select the different templates available or you can make one from scratch. All templates are customisable and sharing your work can simply be done with just a few clicks of the Share icon. [Read more…]

ILPI Why Are You So Greedy?

Address to Iligan Light & Power, Inc.

My name is Audrey M, granddaughter of the account holder Milagros M, G4517 account number.

Today, December 4 around 2PM, my grandmother’s house helper received a caller from ILPI Disconnection Team threatening us of disconnection. The house helper promised the linemen that the money is in the bank and the house owner will be able to get the money the next day. The lineman insists that the bill be paid today and that the electricity will be disconnected. WOW! The house helper had to call me to help make the lineman understand. WOW!

I am very surprised because my grandmother pays her bills every month. The ILPI personnel said, the bill is already delayed and that we have received the disconnect final notice last December 1. But it’s only been a few days? Why are we being bullied to pay immediately? In front of our gate where a lot of people are in hearing distance?

My grandmother pays her bills every month. It’s just not on the dates that your business, ILPI, demands to receive the money from us.

I, too, have utility bills to pay it’s just that ILPI is not one of them. What I am accustomed to and what I believe is ethical business, customers are given 2-3 months lee way before their service is disconnected. I don’t mind paying the late fee! What I also believe is professional business, is not to have linemen knocking on our gates, bullying the residents of disconnection. Imagine my surprise!

I read my grandmother’s bill, due date 11/26/2014. December 1, we received a disconnection notice. Amy, from Luinab ILPI billing centre says, ILPI line man does metric reading every 17th of the month and ILPI expects the customer to pay the bill on THAT day till the due date 11/26/14. Those dates are unacceptable. What if your customer are not paid on those dates? What if your pensioner customer has not yet received their cheques? Well, of course, a monopoly business like yours, you demand the date when we should pay our bill, ILPI set the date when we should give them our money.

Knowing my grandmother, she pays her bills every first week of the month. Unfortunately, ILPI has long been demanding the payment before the first week my grandmother receives her pension. And now, by that first week of the month, ILPI is already knocking in our doorstep threatening us of disconnection. My grandmother, in her old age, can no longer handle problems like these. I have to step in and see to the matter.

My concern is, why only give us 1 month to a few days payment delay and for your business to immediately punish us by disconnecting our service? Why not be like other ethical service providers who give 2-3 months lee way for customers to pay? If your office, just take into consideration, the account holders payment activities & loyalty, we won’t have this problem. Let me reiterate, my grandmother is able to pay JUST NOT ON THE DATE ILPI NEEDS TO HAVE OUR MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS, JUST NOT ON THE DATES THAT IS CONVENIENT FOR ILPI’s BUSINESS.

ILPI customer service, refuses to listen, even said “I cannot do anything to help you.” YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE! She referred my call to billing department, to which I spoke with 3 different people, only to be STRONGLY told, if you cannot pay on the due date, please visit our office to file a promissory note and we cannot do anything about the rules of ILPI. Do you also see why I have to write a complaint regarding ILPI “RULES” and what I think is unethical “STANDARDS”? I will not subject my grandmother of a MONTHLY trip to ILPI to fill out promissory forms.

A monopoly business like yours, please take into consideration, the people of Iligan, like any other city, are also subjected to their employers salary schedule, a retired professional waiting for their pension cheques, an old woman who cannot just walk out of the house to go to the bank whenever someone demands money on their doorstep. My grandmother is already 90+ years old and I’m afraid for her health.

Every afternoon, my grandmother needs to rest, I have not spoken to her because it’s no use having her lose sleep over this. And because I allowed myself to be bullied by ILPI office, I gave our house helper my money I pay for my brother’s tuition fee. So today, ILPI business is again about P7,072 richer.

Every month, we are the one’s receiving the Golden Glow bill, G4519 account number, owing P392.22 this month. ILPI must know this already, Golden Glow DID NOT receive a disconnection notice. WOW! 

ILPI wants to ensure, the bill of P7,072 be paid immediately, threatens the residents of disconnection. You threaten the accounts whose balance is thousands of pesos just to ensure you get the money. Really good business practice?

WE PAY FOR BOTH G4517 and G4519! But why are we only asked and threatened for disconnection for G4517?! Harassment?! Discrimination?!

Our household is a big one. If you look into our average monthly electric bill, it’s of no surprise. This is not the first time our bill reached more than P7,000. But AGAIN, it’s being paid every month and again NOT JUST ON THE DATE THAT YOU LIKE.

I refuse to send someone to visit your office EVERY MONTH to fill out promissory forms. ILPI is already getting the money every month. Please do not also take our precious time we spend on important matters and to have us feeling frustrated over this. And a possible medical condition arising from the stress you might give to our 90+ year old matriarch.

Why am I allowing our household to be bullied by your linemen, who was just doing what they are paid to do? Why will I allow my grandmother, with her old age, to worry about giving you the money as soon as you demand it? Will I allow our household to go through unfair treatment that other customers are not getting? If this is not your family business, Borja of ILPI, do you think this is just/fair/right?

Let’s Talk Limitless Possibilities

What are you passionate about?

I have always loved learning new things or ideas. There are days where I am learning to develop new skills or improving some old one’s. The possibilities are limitless. Free MOOC sites like coursera.com is such blessing for the eternal student like myself. Check out other stories in #iamlimitless !

“..the face that launched a thousand ships..” Faustus

Having beautiful and clear skin, brought about by using good skincare products and habits, makes women confident. Limitless Possibilities skincare products can be your partner to pursuing your dreams. You’ll instantly feel great because you know you look great!

Limitless Possibilities Product Line

I am no Helen but hey, I know I have all the help that I need. So, I had a chance to try the Tamara By The Sea Body Lotion Day SPF 35 from Limitless Possibilities product line.

Tamara From The Sea Body Lotion Day SPF 35

For the woman on the go. 

Get limitless protection from harmful UV rays everywhere
– at the beach and even in the city!
Keep your skin soft, smooth & well-protected with organic sun protection.

It’s only been a few day but I know I’m protecting my skin from the harsh indoor and outdoor UV rays. Skin cancer is never a good idea! It never hurts to smelling extra nice, too.

Limitless Possibilities is a direct selling Filipino company that manufacture skin care products with ingredients from Europe. But more than a skincare company, they build entrepreneurs. If you are social media savvy, Limitless Possibilities has a simple program that helps you sell the products to family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Other Limitless Possibilities Products   [Read more…]

Halloween Activities At Home

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

If Coraline did not disappoint, expect this book to be great.
A boy raised by ghost?
Come one! Get it and start reading it.

The Graveyard Book

Hocus Pocus Instant Download

Who doesn’t love this movie? It’s a classic Halloween movie.
Buy the movie because it’s something that you’ll want to watch over and over again.
It’s that good and I’m not even talking about the cute brother
Max and his sister played by Thora Birch.

Hocus Pocus Movie

Halloween Cookies [Read more…]

10 Things You Don’t Know About WeChat

With the rise of mobile apps in the Philippines, people are often mistaken that all of them are just the same. You think you know it all ….Video Calls. Stickers. Free SMS. You got it wrong. There are many features of WeChat that are not known to many. Here are the 10 things you don’t know about WeChat:

1. You can actually act like a SPY on WeChat. With their “Private Group” function, you can act like James Bond and tell your friend to just join the chat using your 4 digit password before they can get hold of your top secret. Without this password, you can’t join this private Group and they won’t know what’s the juicy secret they’ve been wanting to hear.

2. You can meet a new friend or even a boyfriend. By using “People Nearby”, you will get a chance to meet your next BFF or even your boyfriend to be. It has Tinder like features where it allows you to talk to people that are near your area. Who knows? Your prince charming might be a 100m away from you!

3. Their Stickers are moving and you can even create your own sticker. All the other chat apps uses stickers that are static. With WeChat, they’re moving! Not just that, you can upload your own GIF, upload it on WeChat and have your own set of stickers. You can even make yourself a sticker of your own face and turn them into moving stickers. How cool is that!?

4. You can add up to 100 people on their Group Chats.  While some of the other apps can only carry up to 40, WeChat can hold up to 100 people on the group chat where they can all send Photos, Name Card, use the Walking Talkie function, chat with each other and send animated stickers. Gather your whole high school batch on the group chat so you guys are all up do date with the gimiks , latest chikkas and upcoming reunions! [Read more…]

Fruit Infused Tea

Bored with your usual detox drink of choice? I found this little spin by a Youtuber.

What you will need:

Your choice of detox tea
Lemon & other fruits of your liking
Water (hot or cold)

Mix all ingredients in a big tumbler or water bottle. Choose a water bottle with a big opening so fruit cuts can fit in the bottle.

Hope this will give you ideas on how to up the ante of your detox drink. Happy detox!

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Letting The World Pass Me By

Hello blog, how are you?

Haven’t planned anything new on here. Mostly because I’ve been creating a new blog of a very specific niche and I have two more to build up. I needed to write new content on that new niche blog so I’m feeling out of sorts. When I’m up to something, a ton of creative new ideas pop up in my brain that I can’t organize them and act on them.

Please be patient. I promise I won’t neglect you for too long.


Life lately.

Trying to make myself busy, worrying about the next pay check which will be sent to support my brother in College, imagining an Audrey who will wake up energetic the next day to workout but didn’t really happen and being too cooped up inside the house. The only time I get to go out these days is when I have to go to the bank and send money to my brother’s bank account. I’m thinking of going back to full-time employment and keeping my part-time work. The hours I put in to freelance work is no longer enough. It was a good 2 years run with the same boss actually so I can’t let it go yet.


As I’m writing this post on a MS Word, I found out that my website won’t let me log in. I’m waiting on Tech Support on the other window. I had a problem with my other blog last October 7. I had them fix it and they might have affected this blog. Not good. The chat support says there’s a 30 minutes wait time. Let’s see how long this post is going to be. LOL!


I’ve learned something new today. That is “NaNoWriMo”. It’s “National Novel Writing Month”. I used to have a very wild imagination that involves characters that seem to take on the personality of my loved characters from books and movies. I was imagining living in a world among them. I even have names for each of the characters in my own little world and the scenario. I always wanted to write a short story. I’m also planning on creating an online magazine that is geared towards women of the same demographics as me. That’s something to add in my to-do list. LOL!

Work Opportunity Perhaps? [Read more…]

Lea Salonga Nostalgia As Jasmine in 1992 “Aladdin” With Il Divo

Lea Salonga singing “A Whole New World” with Il Divo has been going viral in the worldwide web. Aside from us here in the Philippines and the theatre world, it’s probably the first taste of Lea Salonga that the world has ever tasted. And, that animated film was done 22 years ago.

Entertainment Online has commented that the voice of Lea Salonga then and now as Princess Jasmine has never changed. Watching the “A Whole New World” part in the animated film and then comparing the live performance gave me goosebumps.

Watch Lea Salonga and Brad Kane record the original singing voice for the Disney film, Aladdin.

Fun Facts: Lea Salonga

BBC News Miss Saigon celebrates 25 years since the musical premiered. The lead actress who played “Kim” from 1989 and the 2014 lead actress in West End Broadway. [Read more…]