Book Review: Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros

Can two strangers who meet by chance find the love of a lifetime?

Bestselling author Abigail Donovan almost won the Pulitzer Prize and did win Oprah’s stamp of aproval. So why is she spending her days – and nights – hiding in her expensive New York City condo with only her two cats for company?

When her publicist drags her into the world of social media, Abby figures she’ll meet some fourteen-year-old living in is mom’s basement. But instead she finds Mark Baynard, a sexy and quick-witted English professor traveling the world in search of adventure. Although she tries to resist his charms, Mark begins to shatter Abby’s writer’s block one wickedly funny encounter at a time.

But just when she begins to write – and live – again, Abby discovers Mark is hiding a secret that could change both of their lives forever.

In the tradition of “You’ve Got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle”, two lonely people discover it doesn’t take a status update or 140 characters to find true love – it just takes three little words.

A love story in 140 characters or less.

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The storyline is very relevant to this day and age of Social Media. Teresa is very smart to use Twitter as platform for the lonely hearts. I love the way it’s written. It’s witty, funny, very imaginative and sexy. I can’t put down the book even for a short break. It’s probably the fastest book I’ve ever finished reading. I finished it in the span of 2 hours! Another chick lit that all chick-lit book lovers must read!

“Do you think you’ll ever remarry?”
She might not know the truth about Mark’s medical condition, but she had no way of knowing if he had responded that way because his divorce had left his heart so badly scarred or because he didn’t believe he would live long enough to marry again. He had lied to her with effortless charm, yet it was those heart-breaking moments of honesty she couldn’t seem to forget.

Now, if I can write a love story and photobook at the same time on Instagram, who would make a good prince charming among my Instagram buddies?

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