Book Review: The Beginning of Everything

The story started where the one of the main character Ezra Faulkner, a popular jock and homecoming king, got into a car accident that changed the high school dynamics. Ezra was forced into a system where he is no longer the centre of attention, to rekindle his friendships with the unpopular kids, balancing his friendships with cool and uncool crowd and falling in love with the mysterious transferee student, Cassidy Thorpe. 

Robyn Schneider Book

The book reminded me of the lives people live in High School. There are times when you are in awe with the popular and smart kids in school. No one is what they say they are. You’ll understand why people act the way they do. The book is a great coming of age story. A young boy realising life, friendships, betrayal, tragedy and love. 

I have the soft bound copy with the bright yellow and blue cover. It’s hard to miss the book. It is 335 pages long. The font size is comfortably big enough. If you love the book Perks of Being A Wallflower, you will love this book, too.

I would recommend you buy and read this book or add it in your to-read list.

Katherine Tegen Books
ISBN 978-0-06-227550-9 ( International Edition)
The Beginning of Everything
By Robyn Schneider
Copyright 2013 

First Edition Cover
Cover Art & Design Copyright 2013
By M80 Design/ Wes Youssie

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