Filipina Celebrities Travel Must Haves Via Social Media

Find out what Filipina celebrities consider as their travel must haves. You’ll be surprised by what they consider as essential. There are items you can easily afford and some that you can only dream of having. But still, it’s fun to be nosey about it.

Miss World 2013: Megan Young - This globe trotting beauty queen only keep 6 items as her travel essentials. I think I want to get my hands on Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume!  

Miss Saigon in London: Rachelle Ann Go - This pop singer now conquering theater is staying in London throughout the run of the legendary musical Miss Saigon. This girl about town consider her vintage leather bag as her travel essential.

The Nations Sweetheart: Anne Curtis - She prefers travelling with luggages that is ultra light weight from American Tourister Vivolite. The colour is eye-catching too!

Daughter of Former Miss Universe: Isabelle Daza - Everybody is waiting for her to join Miss Universe just like her Mom. But, this self-confessed tomboy beauty is content to be part of show business. GoPro and a curling iron is definitely a surprising travel must-have mix. LOL!

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National Tequila Day

Tequila Display

July 24 is National Tequila Day!
Why let Mexicans have all the fun?


There should be an urban calendar made up somewhere that marketers and businesses should now include when they sell calendars every year. Taking note of these made up and silly celebrations is too much fun and too actually celebrate this day, it’s going to be a party.

Margarita Day Mojito Day

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Architectural Facade: Philippines Real Estate

One of my internet past time is looking at houses and interior designs from all over the world just to see how the other side of the world live. If I’m like this, there maybe some who are wondering what houses are like in the Philippines. I am not going to show the traditional nipa house, house made of bamboo because not a lot of those houses are sold, maybe the land but not the nipa hut.

Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine. They are house listings if you search for Philippines Real Estate. Click on the picture to redirect you to the listings page. Enjoy!

Tagaytay Philippines Property For Sale

Beach House And Lot For Sale Philippines

Beach House For Sale Philippines [Read more...]

Toys For The Big Girls Wish List

Nope! Not that kind of toys please!

The best epilator according to reviews found online is by Braun. First on the wish list is the Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator in white that is now sold on Amazon for $104.99. I know it’s going to hurt in the first few uses but the long-term results is worth the pain.

Braun Best Epilator

I’ve wanted a Kitchenaid for the longest time now. I’m not the best baker for a newbie level but Kitchenaid will definitely motivate me to bake some more. Practice makes perfect! And this machine will help making dough for breads very easily. I am not sure if Youtuber Zoella has this exact colour but it’s where I got the colour inspiration from.

Kitchenaid Mixer in Pistachio

I’m not sure if the Nutribullet machine is easy to clean and manage. My concern with my really inexpensive blender is the many parts I need to clean up after making a smoothie. My other really cheap blender doesn’t blend well, too noisy and leaves lumps of fruits and ice. If the Nutribullet Pro 900 Series won’t do all the points I just mentioned, then I want it in the kitchen. A Vitamix is just too expensive!  [Read more...]

People Mobile Habits That Drive Me Nuts

July is #KeepItInYourPants (hashtag by TELUS)
Cell Phone Courtesy Month!


Photo Credit

What are people mobile habits that drives me nuts?

1. Talking Loud On Mobile In Public PlacesCredit


2. Cell phone bright lights while in the movie theatre.Credit [Read more...]

The Last Week Of June In Photos

It’s July! We are half way done with 2014! I haven’t posted anything for more than a week and I don’t want to wait too long to make a post.

I just sent off my brother to College and I will be paying for his tuition. We were packing his stuff at the very last minute. I had to look at my finances to make sure I can keep up with his tuition. I had to work because I only clocked in a few hours the weeks before. But, I did still have some down time to go out for lunch out and movie time.


Lunch out with my other brother and sister. What I wore: Bench T-Shirt, Forever 21 Bondage Skirt and Black sandals from Easy Spirit brand.

Lunch Out OOTD

What I wore to the cinema: Movie Time T-shirt from ForMe, Boyyfriend cropped pants by Uniqlo, Strappy sandals from Steve Madden, Michael Kors white shoulder bag with gold chain detail and silver Fossil watch.


Movie Time OOTD


I have very fond of Delecta Cafe & Restaurant. I have been going there since I was so young. My once a month lunch date with my grandmother was always in Delecta. It’s only 2-3 minutes walk to where we live.  [Read more...]

Affordable iPad Mini Protective Case From Promate

Looking for affordable iPad Mini protective case?

Head down to your nearest Silicon Valley Philippines store. Everything you need in your digital life they have it.

I only have a few minutes to shop at Limketkai Mall before heading out to the pier. I’ve had my iPad for two weeks without any protective cover in all sides. I remember KitKai mall with stores that sell inexpensive gadget accessories.

Affordable iPad Mini Protective Case

Silicon Valley PH sells Promate Premium Ultra-Slim Case for only PHP1,095.00.

It’s an ultra slim book style case for iPad mini, with easy grip feature, easy access to all of the iPad mini ports and buttons, fold out stand feature for high-level typing or angled viewing options. It has smart sleep and wake up capability and velvet interiors.

With the affordable protective case, the iPad mini now looks like your normal journal.

What I originally wanted was a protective case with a built-in bluetooth keyboard. But, I don’t think that’s already available in Philippines online shops or stores near me. I will post an update when I find or buy one.

What do you think of the red colour? I would have preferred pink or mint but the color they carry are only in black or red.

What’s your latest gadget accessory find? Share them with me in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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Movie Review: Maleficent

It’s amazing! Angelina Jolie was way better than Charlize Theron in Snow White.

I can’t say so much of the movie without giving it away but please stop reading this if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

I didn’t expect the fight scenes to have cool graphics but it looked really great. It was like Lara Croft  all over again in that few seconds.

There’s a really cool twist to the story that you never thought would have happened but also see the possibility that it could have happened and it was just wasn’t mentioned in the fairy tale story book. Yep, I just wrote that on there.


Not a lot of fairy tale stories turned movies were about the villain or who we thought to be as the villain in the book. The movie is all about Maleficent the bad fairy who cast a spell on the young Princess. The film showed the story how Maleficent became cold hearted but also someone who we didn’t thought to be nice and who does really have a good heart.

I’ve never seen the side of Angelina Jolie this comedic, making funny faces before. The much publicised part where her real daughter was in on the movie, it was really touching. You could see how she makes an excellent Mother to Shiloh.

The older Princess Aurora was played by Elle Fanning. She does make a joyful and beautiful Princess as described by the book.  [Read more...]