A Watsons All Pastel Mini Haul

I was out of town to claim my PRC ID but I arrived around lunch time. I thought my PRC office must be on lunch break so I decided to while away my time at a nearby mall.

I purchased a few unnecessary stuff, stuff I don’t need but found too cute because of the packaging. A really bad reason to buy things, I know.

Baby Lips, Maybelline, iWhite Korea, Beauty Buffet Face Mask

Maybelline Baby Lips in Watermelon Smooth. Love the packaging and the calligraphy on the tube. But when I applied it on my lips, I went “aack!”. It doesn’t taste nor smell good. Feels moisturising though and I’m sure my dehydrated lips would appreciate this.

Beauty Buffet Facial Mask in Apple & Evening Primrose. Would you look at that pastel peach plastic packaging! Screams tumblr inspired packaging, don’t you think? It claims to repair and refine and contains 23ml essence (not sure what essence though). The product is made in Taiwan. Not sure why I want to point that out.

I have not tried this product before but I know Face Mask from Asian manufacturers aren’t really that bad. I haven’t had allergic reaction yet from the one’s I have tried, which also isn’t that many, LOL!

iWhite Korea Moisturizing Facial Wash. I am a fan of iWhite brand. It’s not my go to skincare brand but I love how they always come up with innovative products. It’s not expensive, too. I remember the brand coming out with the blackheads or nose masks. Those are the still the best, bomb diggity product I’ve used so far! It really works! This Facial Wash though, uhm, I haven’t tried yet. I hope I won’t get disappointed. Look at that Tiffany blue packaging!

I know you shouldn’t buy skincare products based on their packaging. I know it’s just a marketing ploy. I am a Marketing graduate and yes I am not ashamed to say, I fell for it. LOL!

What’s your favourite Maybelline Baby Lips flavour? Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

iWerkz Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Ever since I bought an iPad Mini last year, I’ve been on the look out for a portable keyboard. No need chugging along the heavy laptop with me when I travel or work outside.

I didn’t know this particular brand of keyboard existed. I discovered it on Instagram. I immediately asked the person who posted the picture what it was and where he bought it.

iWerkz Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

iWerkz Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is available for purchase on Amazon for less than $30. At the time, the item was on sale so it was definitely a steal. It also comes in other different colors.

Features and specifications:

• Compatible with Bluetooth-Enabled Tablet Devices & Smartphones, including iPad/iPhone including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
• Protective Case Doubles as a Stand
• Docks Tablet Devices or Smartphones While in Use
• Compatible with Android & iOS Devices
• Folding Design
• 30 Days Standby Time
• 44-Hr Run Time
• Convenient to Carry

Over all thoughts on the keyboard:

It’s sleek, super light and easy to pair by bluetooth. When folded or closed, it’s slightly longer than an external drive. When unfolded or opened, it’s slightly shorter than a desktop keyboard. I don’t have big hands so the size is fine with me. The casing/ cover/ protector, doubles as a tablet or phone stand.

If you are looking for a similar keyboard, I would recommend iWerkz.

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The Really Tiny Book Light

What I wanted for my birthday is a clip on book light. There are a few available online without paying an expensive shipping fee. What’s worrying is that it might not be what I was looking for.

My sister is able to sleep early and as we share the same room, I can’t turn on the light without disturbing her.

Tiny Book Light

One day, on a trip to the nearby city’s book store, my sister and I found the book light.

The Really Tiny Book Light is available at Fully Booked store for Php499.00. It clips onto your books so you can read in the dark. It bends to a full 90 degrees angle position.

To use: you press the “Light” switch at the bottom of the clip light to turn on the LED light. You can easily switch on the light. A slight movement among your things can turn on the light which is bad because the battery runs out fast.

The book light is fitted with 3 pieces of AG3 (LR41) batteries and you can buy replacement at your nearest watch repair shops.

It’s really tiny but the light packs a punch. My sister and I was laughing the first time I used it. The light was a lot brighter than my phone screen light. I might as well turn on the room light to read.

If you’re looking for something similar, you now know where to get one. Happy night reading!

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10 Things You Don’t Know About WeChat

With the rise of mobile apps in the Philippines, people are often mistaken that all of them are just the same. You think you know it all ….Video Calls. Stickers. Free SMS. You got it wrong. There are many features of WeChat that are not known to many. Here are the 10 things you don’t know about WeChat:

1. You can actually act like a SPY on WeChat. With their “Private Group” function, you can act like James Bond and tell your friend to just join the chat using your 4 digit password before they can get hold of your top secret. Without this password, you can’t join this private Group and they won’t know what’s the juicy secret they’ve been wanting to hear.

2. You can meet a new friend or even a boyfriend. By using “People Nearby”, you will get a chance to meet your next BFF or even your boyfriend to be. It has Tinder like features where it allows you to talk to people that are near your area. Who knows? Your prince charming might be a 100m away from you!

3. Their Stickers are moving and you can even create your own sticker. All the other chat apps uses stickers that are static. With WeChat, they’re moving! Not just that, you can upload your own GIF, upload it on WeChat and have your own set of stickers. You can even make yourself a sticker of your own face and turn them into moving stickers. How cool is that!?

4. You can add up to 100 people on their Group Chats.  While some of the other apps can only carry up to 40, WeChat can hold up to 100 people on the group chat where they can all send Photos, Name Card, use the Walking Talkie function, chat with each other and send animated stickers. Gather your whole high school batch on the group chat so you guys are all up do date with the gimiks , latest chikkas and upcoming reunions! [Read more…]

Fruit Infused Tea

Bored with your usual detox drink of choice? I found this little spin by a Youtuber.

What you will need:

Your choice of detox tea
Lemon & other fruits of your liking
Water (hot or cold)

Mix all ingredients in a big tumbler or water bottle. Choose a water bottle with a big opening so fruit cuts can fit in the bottle.

Hope this will give you ideas on how to up the ante of your detox drink. Happy detox!

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Lea Salonga Nostalgia As Jasmine in 1992 “Aladdin” With Il Divo

Lea Salonga singing “A Whole New World” with Il Divo has been going viral in the worldwide web. Aside from us here in the Philippines and the theatre world, it’s probably the first taste of Lea Salonga that the world has ever tasted. And, that animated film was done 22 years ago.

Entertainment Online has commented that the voice of Lea Salonga then and now as Princess Jasmine has never changed. Watching the “A Whole New World” part in the animated film and then comparing the live performance gave me goosebumps.

Watch Lea Salonga and Brad Kane record the original singing voice for the Disney film, Aladdin.

Fun Facts: Lea Salonga

BBC News Miss Saigon celebrates 25 years since the musical premiered. The lead actress who played “Kim” from 1989 and the 2014 lead actress in West End Broadway. [Read more…]

Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter

I’ve always wanted to shoot pictures in motion without having to awkwardly hold the camera or set my iPhone & camera on timer. I’ve just found the solution.

The bluetooth camera remote shutter has been floating around gadget geek world. My concern is always about the products being available and accessible where I live.

Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Fortunately, there are third party resellers on Instagram and online shopping websites that sell these things. I’m happy to see CDR-King, cheapest gadget store in the country, are selling it online and at their store. And yes, it’s still cheap.

The way it works is that you have to download the Camera 360 app on your phone, iOS and Android, for the remote shutter to work. The app is free! After every use, remember to turn off the little device as it is consuming battery life. There’s an On and Off switch at the side of the device. I just got the shutter and I’m not sure how long the battery life would last.

I tested the shutter with the built-in camera of the iPhone 4 and it worked perfectly. I tested the shutter with the Camera+ and VSCO app as well and it worked! [Read more…]

#HaulinLikeAVillain : E-books in Kobo App

I’m still on a book review high from last month and found a couple more of books to read and is on preview in Kobo app.

Who here uses Kobo? It’s an e-book store and the app let’s you earn badges whenever you reach certain level of book reading. The badges are a great feature. For someone who doesn’t so much as read books, this is a fun way to get them to read and read some more.

What I bought and currently reading


Of Neptune

I definitely must have the final book of the Syrena series. I couldn’t find a copy of it on scribd.com/. And I’m finally done with it. I’m now able to check my bucket list for this year which is to read a book series.

I think vampires and werewolves fiction is overrated. Mermaids are going to be invading the movie screens pretty soon. I hear someone’s making a movie of the books. Actors in mermaid costumes should be fun to see. LOL!

Rebels: City of Indra

There’s a reason why I prefer getting an e-book version. Books that might not be that good or just not worth adding in the book shelf. Well, in my personal book shelf that is.

I’m still reading the Rebels book and everyone know it’s by the Jenner sisters, Kendall & Kylie. Well, I’m sure they didn’t write the book. Simon and Schuster employed a ghost writer to build the book but it’s initially Kendall & Kylie’s idea what the book is going to be about, where the story will lead to and all that. The writers, Elizabeth Killmond-Roman & Maya Sloan, were given credit.

I’m still a few chapters in the book so I can’t really say much about it. The intro is quite long actually like they were expecting the book to be adapted into a movie. So, that’s what I can say about it so far.

The Story of Us

I heard about it from one of a Youtuber, book reviewer. I don’t know anything much about it except it’s a fiction, adult, romance book. And, I think it’s a short book by the author. I don’t want to say what’s already being said in the summary. Just search for the book to find out. I’m pretty impressed by the book cover. It’s one of those images you want to reblog on Tumblr or pin on Pinterest.

What books are you currently reading? Tweet me @_audreyisms because I love a good book recommendation.

Thank you for reading and come back often!

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