National Tequila Day

Tequila Display

July 24 is National Tequila Day!
Why let Mexicans have all the fun?


There should be an urban calendar made up somewhere that marketers and businesses should now include when they sell calendars every year. Taking note of these made up and silly celebrations is too much fun and too actually celebrate this day, it’s going to be a party.

Margarita Day Mojito Day

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People Mobile Habits That Drive Me Nuts

July is #KeepItInYourPants (hashtag by TELUS)
Cell Phone Courtesy Month!


Photo Credit

What are people mobile habits that drives me nuts?

1. Talking Loud On Mobile In Public PlacesCredit


2. Cell phone bright lights while in the movie theatre.Credit [Read more...]

Movie Review: Maleficent

It’s amazing! Angelina Jolie was way better than Charlize Theron in Snow White.

I can’t say so much of the movie without giving it away but please stop reading this if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

I didn’t expect the fight scenes to have cool graphics but it looked really great. It was like Lara Croft  all over again in that few seconds.

There’s a really cool twist to the story that you never thought would have happened but also see the possibility that it could have happened and it was just wasn’t mentioned in the fairy tale story book. Yep, I just wrote that on there.


Not a lot of fairy tale stories turned movies were about the villain or who we thought to be as the villain in the book. The movie is all about Maleficent the bad fairy who cast a spell on the young Princess. The film showed the story how Maleficent became cold hearted but also someone who we didn’t thought to be nice and who does really have a good heart.

I’ve never seen the side of Angelina Jolie this comedic, making funny faces before. The much publicised part where her real daughter was in on the movie, it was really touching. You could see how she makes an excellent Mother to Shiloh.

The older Princess Aurora was played by Elle Fanning. She does make a joyful and beautiful Princess as described by the book.  [Read more...]

#BEDM : Princess ABC Family Movie

ABC Family released TV Movie “Princess” back in 2008. It is a modern, live-action movie fairy tale that starring Nora Zehetner as Princess Ithaca and Kip Pardue as William Humphries. It’s a TV movie for kids!

Princess ABC Movie DVD

The movie featured dark and fantasy creatures like monsters, fairies, mermaids, serpents, beasts, dragons, unicorns, etc. making this movie good for young boys who are into mythical creatures.

The Princess has all the qualities of being royal; beautiful, kind, intelligent and courageous. The character has all the elements all young girls love in a princess.

The movie is good for kids in the ages 7 – 9 years old but needs parental guidance. There are adult jokes in the movie and there are dark moments that might scare kids. It’s a good alternative to cartoons or animated TV series or films for kids and adults to watch. FYI, the story and acting is not made for Oscars. Think Disney TV acting.

Can you recommend TV movie that I should watch? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by.

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#BEDM : It’s A Holiday May Playlist

I’m on Spotify! Follow me to hear what music I’m currently listening. Here’s a sample playlist that I created, Spotify Dance Playlist. Enjoy!

  1. Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend
  2. Royksopp & Robyn – Do It Again
  3. Ciara – Overdose
  4. Karmin – Hello
  5. Ellie Goulding – Lights
  6. The Saturdays – What About Us
  7. The Saturdays – Disco Love
  8. Pharrell Williams – Happy
  9. Tiesto – Red Lights
  10. Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars
  11. Inna – Sun Is Up

Spotify Dance Playlist makes great playlist when your heading for a night out with friends or workout track. Let me know if there are songs you’d like me to add in this playlist.

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#BEDM : Little Mermaid The Movie

There are speculations that Sofia Coppola will be directing the live action adaptation of the beloved Ariel, Little Mermaid. Have you seen Anna Sophia Rob parody of Little Mermaid?

I want the Little Mermaid movie to be a little darker and twisted than the original Disney cartoon. I am hoping for a darker adaptation like the recent Snow White or as great as Romeo & Juliet movie starred by Leo and Claire Danes.

But, who should play Ariel? Here are my choices:

  1. Elle Fanning
  2. Chloe Moretz
  3. AnnaSophia Robb
  4. Emma Watson

I am not really a fan of Emma Watson or Emma Roberts for the role. Sofia Coppola has worked with Kirsten Dunst twice. Elle Fanning and Emma Watson has worked with the director before.  Who do you want to play the infamous mermaid, Ariel?

Do you like mermaids? I’ve come across an Instagram account that’s all about mermaids. Check out Project Mermaids!

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#BEDM : Happy Mother’s Day

It’s very easy to take our Mother’s for granted.

Sometimes I worry now that she’s getting older. She’s the first person
who never judge me and whose arms are always wide open.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to greet and make your Mama special on her day.

What are your plans? Share them with us in the comment section below.

Mother's Day

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#BEDM : StyLIZed Book Review

Liz Uy is a Filipina stylist of the A-listers in the Philippines. She began her work in fashion for one of the country’s prestigious glossy magazine before branching out on her own as a sought after stylist to the stars. Having dressed big stars in the country, she has cemented her credibility in the world of Philippine fashion. It’s only fitting she publish her own style book.


I’ve read fashion books from publishers in foreign countries. Many times, these books are more catered to international women. It’s such an opportune time for Liz Uy to come out with a style book when Philippine fashion is on a high.

You have got to love the cover! It’s very chic and it really calls out to little fashionista wannabe. Other fashion books want the author as the face of the book. For Liz Uy, an illustration of her as the cover makes it cool, refreshing and different.

The book makes it simple for readers to understand how form, style and fashion works. Replicating the different styles is so easy. It helps you incorporate Liz Uy’s 10 fashion and style must have.

StyLIZed Essentials

I would definitely agree with Liz Uy’s ten style essentials. It’s definitely every girls closet must-have. The style doesn’t just smell expensive. Because of the layout, the structure of the how-to book, the contents of the book, styling is very achievable for different types of women.

It’s not just beautiful pictures. It’s not just a styling board like you normally see in Polyvore. I’m really glad I bought the book!

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